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Greetings to all of you for coming to our meeting today, I want to thanks you and promise you that you will benefit from our todays meeting. Out topic today concerns America, our lovely nation, and the top businesses within it, there are several businesses within our country but we all agree that the businesses are not the same. Some businesses are not safe to work for while others are human friendly and everyone yearns to work for them (Birch, 2012). I will show you some of the businesses within our country and why you should actually work for these businesses. The following are some of the businesses within our country that I will discuss with you, the Abt Electronics, Afterburner and Askinosie Chocolate. These businesses are located in various areas within our country. Now that you know our topic of discussion for today, I want you to think of some of the reasons why you would work for a business or not within America.

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The Abt Electronics business is a business that deals in electronics, it is situated in Illinois. For several years, the company has provided quality electronics not only to America but also to the rest of the world (Xing, Tang, & Yang, 2014). The company has a reputation of employing the American citizens without discrimination of their races or origin. The company has also complied with the American rules and regulations governing businesses; it has regularly paid its revenues among other government policies. The Abt Electronics human resource department has friendly working conditions for its employees and would be preferred by anybody. Because of these reasons, I would advise you not to hesitate when you get a chance to work for Abt Electronics.

I know every one of us is attracted to the features of the Abt Electronics business. Our next business for discussion is the Afterburner business. As we all know, the Afterburner is a world known graphics company based in Georgia. The company produces cards of all kinds, boards and all other graphic products. Their recent works include the famous graphic for the American military. This company has for many years dealt in the designation of very attractive graphics not only within America but also across the world. The most attractive point about this company is the fact that it offers training to its staff. The graphic related trainings are offered at different staff categories whereby individuals are trained according to their sections of work (Katz, 2013). Furthermore, the company provides jobs to the unskilled as well and at times accommodates the unskilled personnel within its system and offers free training to them.

Through my investigation, I realized another positive factor about the company that its management is very mindful of the awareness of the employees. The business offers bonuses and gifts to its hardworking employees. Afterburner graphics has obeyed the business policies within America loyally since it was started (Dalton, Watson, Banks, Calamvokis, Edwards, & Lumley, 2013). Any individuals within not only Georgia but also entire America are longing to work for Afterburner. I therefore urge you to work for Afterburner if you get the chance, as it will benefit you a lot both financially and in your career. Before we discuss the next company that you should work for in America how many of us agree that one should actually work for the businesses that we have already discussed.

Askinosie Chocolate is our next business for discussion. How many of us like chocolates? Have you ever wondered which company makes your favorite chocolates? Well, Askinosie Chocolate business is in the town of Missouri. The business deals in manufacturing chocolates. The company buys its chocolate beans from the local farmers within Georgia (Still, & Auner, 2010). The employment policy within Georgia favors all Americans without discrimination. The business operates within the American business policies, its employee wages are attractive as they are adjusted depending on the level of performance of the employees. The human resource department of Askinosie Chocolate is very concerned with the welfare of its employees to an extent that the families of the employees are catered for as well within the health policy of the business (Still, & Auner, 2010). Additionally, the business offers certain benefits like transportation and security to its employees especially for the night shifts. These on top of other attractive benefits within the business makes it one of the leading businesses to work for within America.

In conclusion, are we all in agreement that we would work for the businesses we have discussed? The businesses discussed above are not only the businesses within America that have suitable working conditions that one would work for. However, I would only urge you to choose wisely when working for certain businesses. You should never pay much attention to the wages paid first but rather the working conditions and the manner in which the business handles the welfare of its employees (Fogel, Morck, & Yeung, 2008). Another factor to consider while seeking for employment within various businesses is career development. While seeking employment, always ensure that the business will afterwards develop your career (Birch, 2012). America is developing and very soon all the businesses within America will be suitable to work within. I once again thank you very much and hope that all of us have benefitted from our discussion for today.


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