Eastern Orthodox Church Service

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There are only three Christians groups in the world, and they include the Roman Catholic, the Protestants and the Orthodox Christians faithful. The word orthodox comes from a Greek word that means right thinking. The members of this church, just like any other Christian fellowship groups, believe in God and also believe in His Son Jesus Christ. They have their services conducted on Sundays.

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A service at Eastern Orthodox Church is quite different from what someone would get from any other church service. The divine liturgy in the church is sung throughout the service, and if one is not a member of the church, then he or she would probably feel lost. It is, therefore, advisable that such a person remains sited or just stands and pays attention to the proceedings. Inside the church, the hall is covered with pictures and icons of Jesus Christ which according to the faithful, are meant to remind them of service with the angels in heaven.

Their manner of worshipping is quite different also. They would worship with their bodies and with words as well. The sign of the cross that they make is just but an example. There is no kneeling on Sundays as they believe that this would be a sign of penitential, it is also a resurrection day of Christ. The church also has its communion, and it is not given to the non-members, as it shows a sign of commitment to the church. However, they have a wine and bread aside that they offer to visitors or first-time members as also a sign of love.

Unlike other churches where there is a prior service for the children, Orthodox Church does not have such. They believe that children need to be fully allowed to participate in the church service as much as possible. But it is also very much striking how the children get to settle down very fast and learn how this service is conducted. The church would also try as much as possible not to engage in much talking until the service is over. So if you are a visitor, then you would likely wait before you are officially given a ceremonial welcoming. However, after a church service, they have a common meal that would bring people together, both visitors and members.

Regular Sunday service would last about one or so hours, and it will also include the sermon. They have a particular order or rather a sequence in which things are conducted or rather carried out, something that would only show how orderly the church is. They do also have Saturdays services that are performed during the evening hours and are usually called the evening vespers. The attention is given to Mary the mother of Jesus in the church just shows how much they believe that Jesus was indeed actually human and that the fact that He was born of a human woman makes them think so. He then turns out to be mysteriously God which then makes her be called the mother of God.

The teachings that are given in the church are indeed according to the doctrines of God and from the fact that they believe in Jesus Christ makes anyone think that they are truly Christians. Finally, they value the Easter more than Christmas, meaning that they, therefore, value the resurrection of Christ more than his birth.

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