The Effects of Divorce on Kids

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Nowadays bad marriages, parents conflicts and divorces are usual events. Divorcing parents are often worried about the psychological state of their child after divorce. Divorce strongly affects children, their relationship to their parents, their behaviour, and school performance. Enmity and hatred between the parents and their marriage collapse both seriously affect children no matter what is their age.

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Divorce usually decreases childs trust in parents who behave in very unreliable way. They are usually trying to divide the family, this creates insecurity, ignorance and instability for the child. Divorce is always stressful for children. Most children do not want one of their parents to go away (Pickhardt).

Many children of divorced parents believe that they made something wrong and affected parents to divorce. These thoughts cause a child to feel depressed, angry and sad.

Young children of divorced families are usually worried about their near future, they think about what is going to happen next and who will love them and take care of them. Children are afraid to lose their parents and cannot imagine their life without one of the parents. These worries result in anxiety disorder, clinging, bed-wetting, tantrums (Pickhardt).

Kids of divorced families usually have stress, negative emotions, fear, emotional pain, anxiety, loss of self-esteem and feeling betrayed ("Effects Of Divorce On Children").

Adolescents react aggressively to divorce; they ignore family discipline and try to take care about themselves alone because their parents failed to save the family. As a result, girls become withdrawn and anxious, they are sexually active at younger age. As for boys, divorce effects are expressed in aggressive behaviour ("Effects Of Divorce On Children").

Sometimes, divorce heavily affects children many years after the divorce, when they enter romantic relationship. Due to the failed relationships of their parents, children are often afraid to make any mistakes in a relationship, they are afraid of conflicts and possible changes, children are afraid to lose a loved person ("Effects Of Divorce On Children").

Divorce increases the risk that children will suffer from psychological and behavioural problems. Anxious children are particularly likely to develop problems with violations of anger, defiance. School education can also be affected. Other children become sad for long periods of time. They may become depressed, anxious, or to become very responsible children who end up caring for their parents instead of taking care of themselves.

As for long-term divorce effects, many children can have ongoing worries and painful memories about divorce, their parents' relationship with each other and childrens relationships with their parents (Robert E. Emery).

During time of divorce, a childs emotional security becomes fragile. There are some different ways in which an emotional insecurity can be expressed: frequent guilt, large amounts of anger, increasing isolation from family and friends, sleep problems, drug and alcohol abuse, thoughts of suicide, defying teachers or parents. Kids who encounter the parents divorce for the most part are more probable to struggle socially compared with kids from usual two-parent families. They will probably have worse relations with same-age kids, be angry and have less friends (Hawkins and Fackrell 80-81).

Children and adolescents with divorced parents, eventually have less parental supervision. As a result, these children can have more influence of their peers, and this comes up with deviant behaviour, including alcohol use, smoking and drugs (Hawkins and Fackrell 82).

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