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In a persons life, there are many choices and decisions that need to be made. The questions on dreams, persons life and ability to carry out oneself is solely an individual choice. As a matter of fact, no one should govern or change the way that an individual has planned to achieve their ambitions or dreams, which may range from career ambitions to life fulfilment in general. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to address how one should make his or her own path in life.

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The type and variety of friends and family associates that one has are determinants in the success or failure in life. When choosing the types of friends, one must be careful because if not properly considered, these people are so close in influencing their decisions and inputting their ambitions to someones life. Also, the individual personality matters a lot, where one should not be influenced by anyone. If one is determined in making their on paths in life, they should be strict and disregard the things that do not matter. The ability of an individual to set their paths is also determined by their dreams. Different people have different views and wide range of opinions on what they want to achieve.

There are a number of practicable rules that one should prioritize in order to maintain their dream paths and lead a successful life. For instance, one should go to school, where there is an equal opportunity to excel and practically work on what the dream is all about. Secondly, one should never quit on doing the things that they think will lead to successful life. When the matter of the quitting is mentioned, it means that one should not let the challenges overcome the hard work. Despite the hard work that one is putting in the core to prioritize and achieve, there are many challenges such as feeling uncertain if there are chances of achieving, lack of motivating factors among others.

In addition, one should look specifically at what their dreams deals and relates to. Proper analysis and dividing the objective into achievable goals, one has high chances of not only making their dreams to a dream but a reality. Other exemplary elements that are vital in making dreams to reality; one should look at the positive paths in life. One should not allow the negative factors cause undesirable effects and cause negative factors that could make one out of the way. Looking at many success stories that have been told, it is clear that all these people had the challenges but they used those specific challenges as a tool to sharpen their tomorrows success.

Everyone has a unique way of doing things. Each person in this universe has something that he or she feels attracted to, undesired to and so on. No two people are everything the same, not even the identical twins. Each person is one of a kind. Therefore, there is no standard way of doing anything, the typical way comes from oneself, according to the unique characteristics and features we all have. Therefore, in the ambition of making ones path, one should exactly what they feel is good for them. However, one should be carefully on the things that they believe are good and leads to a successful own path. Others peoples words especially from mentors are good in examining the individual ability and the nearness to the path that one intends to reach. One should not live a life that is called life for others. Life for others is when one imitates what other people do, especially parents, older siblings, mentors or roles models. People fail to recognize that how these people do their things is in accordance to their aspirations, conveniences, dreams, and schedules among other things.

Also, one should be themselves, and never let anyone change and dictate what to do. Hence, every person should be free to themselves and desire to follow their goals. If one makes a decisions, he or she should stick to it. This is where many people go wrong because they disregard their inner true and accurate desires and fall into common temptations of doing things according to the opinions of other people. Such path will not lead to undesirable directions, but total failure. In addition, one should find and follow their own values. Dont strive to please anybody, but do it for yourself. If no choice, please somebody on an honest way, which can be agreed if other persons value and expectations math with yours. The thing is do everything that leads to your own path. Do not waste your precious time in college studying what the parent or guardians have been telling you since you were five years old. Instead, study something that you feel inspired to do, motivated and that course that aligns with your passions. In other words, to stick on own path in life, one has to stick and pursue what their desires is all about.

In conclusion, it is safe to state that if an individual aims at making and designing their own paths, several factors have to be considered. For instance, one should chase their dreams, strive to make their dream a reality, do what you feel to do, especially in own unique way, and also one should never let the opinions and words of others change what they feel is good for them. Practical considerations of these factors lead to making of ones own and unique way in life.


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