Living Together Before Getting Marry

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When you take a clean look at the events happening in marriage life. You will realize the rate of divorce is growing day in day out, and I was wondering what might have gone wrong with our marriages. This has driven me to hit the road and try to discover which the better option to handle is and cling to marriage life. I have to accept that it's better to live together before getting married .this can be supported by several reasons.

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First, in marriage living together as proved to be the definitive test. As the old saying dictates before buying a car it's very vital for you to take it for a road test .this will enable you to understand its mechanical problems which will inhabit in future the efficiency of your machine. Therefore also in marriage is better you give it a test to see if it can work out before deciding to settle down or opting out later when things dont work out

Secondly, it gives you an opportunity as a couple to learn and know each other better, and this will give you a distinctiveness of working with each other efficiently. This can be regarding balancing finances, relationship, time and even career. This will awaken their mind and align their values and priorities before shaking up. This will, at least, make each other to be at easy even when realizing that marriage was not a bed of roses is always a bed of roses, and thus, we must always learn to give your marriage another chance.

Thirdly cohabitating and giving marriage is good enough because it can shade some light on the two partners and their deferences, and thus, help them make a decision which will be worth to reconcile in times of hard, challenging and trying moments before getting married. This will be crucial because it can equip you with mechanisms for responding to fights, upsets and other more draining things in marriage because your sex life and those things which matter most will be tested.

Fourthly you will come to form an understanding of you and your partner when you come face to face with realities of life that is when you fight, quarrel. You will not just pack your things and walk away, but its the best time to exercise the communication skills you acquired from all forms of life and schools and checked if they are working and this can be proved by who applies the word apology first.

Fifthly, I have come to realized that the differences in one another as become more apparent after they are married and that why it's better to move in before. So that it will give you an opportunity to remove all barriers and territories by realizing that that what I have will be ours, and therefore, this shall provide a platform to iron out financial responsibilities, lifestyle issues such as finances, number of children you will wish to give birth to, share best ways to handle the issue of exclusivity in decision making and relationship without forgetting the other habit traits like sleeping styles, hygiene, social and religious which if not handled correctly can turn to be a hitch which can cause a huge conflict. That why Fr. Ross says, those successful marriages are those who have lived together, and when the above issues emerge they can comfortably avoid it.

Lastly, as I conclude it's good to know that Pre-marital shack up looks like a sensible way for couples to test themselves and see if they are compatible for long-term reasons. The details stated above make sense most vital factor which makes marriage last: promises in the relationship itself or marriage should be a fortitude to be together forever because there is love which as proved to exist for each other. This is the biggest asset which one gains from shake-ups which drive the agenda we rather than the agenda me and this is what couples should understand and know beforehand that want to live together by ensuring that their love is alive for the rest of their lives. This gives one another commitment to work through different challenges no matter what, by believing in the us rather than me attitudes. However the is some who lack such commitments thus focuses on why the marriage is not working for me rather than how can I make my wedding work for me, and that is the basis of the famous quitters.


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