Descriptive Essay About the Morning in Havasu AZ

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It was summer again, and nothing would give me great pleasure than to visit a place that would exploit all my abilities to relax and feel joyous. I had gone to many places and yet I had not been exposed to a place that I would recognize myself with. After pondering, I settled to Havasu. Once you are down there in that magnificent city, there is no getting out. You get married to the surroundings and the beautiful sceneries that are there. In the morning in Havasu, the cold air with a pleasant smell of the flowers and the silence of the water made me forget all my worries.

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I felt the cool breeze penetrating into my lungs causing my body to be rejuvenated. I felt so alive that I never wanted to breathe out so as not to lose the moment. I was lost in the frenzied mood which made me appreciate the nature. As my bare feet splashed in the water, I felt the warm water embracing my feet. The wind was blowing my hair and clothes such that small chills appeared on my skin. I felt like I was walking on another redefined world far from reality. I closed my eyes and listened to the tranquility that was transcending down my soul. It was a new feeling like the silent was luring me to a different calmness and peace. The birds were chirping their melody, and the song was like imploring to my heart. I rested in the sand and faced the east waiting for the early morning sweet sun to penetrate my skin.

The sound produced by the trees felt like a beckon towards a paradise I was yet to discover. I forgot all my worries since the feeling was magnificent. The fragrance of different flowers attended to my nose, and it responded with a deep breath to capture the essence of nature. It was true what I had heard about Havasu, its full of spells to relinquish mysteries and stress. I was intoxicated with the beauty of the place. Seeing nature made my eyes grateful to sight and my heart sighed with contentment. At last, the sun rays settled on my longing body. The soft and luring sand beneath me seemed to do magic as they warmed my feet. My veins dilated as a result of the sunlight, and my skin glowed to obtain the vitamin D given freely.

I started walking to expose every part of my body to the sunlight. It was an excellent experience that left me agape with amusement. I wondered how such conventional scenery could increase my urge to be light and at peace. I was like a newborn baby who had first tasted the fresh air of the earth after living in the dark. I never wanted the morning to fade away. The magic the sun was creating was so real that if I were to make a wish, I would wish Havasu would be morning every day. As my feet danced with the water in the river, I could only hope it lasts forever. The experience was so much exhilarating that I wished to do it again next summer. I retired to swimming as the day was getting old so that I could wash away the salt taste in my arms, the morning was over, and I had to look for shelter. As I put on my black shades, I knew its only in the morning that one reconnects with nature.

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