The Things That Eat Up Time and Dealing With Them: Problem Solution Essay

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Have you ever been at that stage where things, assignments you ought to have completed seem to be piling up? Or do you seem not to be in charge of your schedules anymore? You wonder why things seem to be slipping right through your hands. It reaches a time when you have to stamp your feet and decide to get things in order, you begin to take charge. You sober up and begin to analyze closely what little foxes eat up your time. Over the last few weeks, I have been doing an analysis of the things that waste up my time. An array of things sprung up through their magnitude was varied. I realized that the major things that take up most of my time included surfing, worrying, and reading. Now that I finally realized the things that consume my time, the next sensible thing would be coming up with ways to tackle these issues.

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Spending Time on Social Media

The hardest temptation for me to overcome is the urge to grab my phone and zoom off to social media to check the latest gossip and new developments. And once I get online I drift into a whole different world, oblivious that just some few seconds previously I was working on a report, or I was to clean up my room, or I was to catch up with a friend. I get deeply immersed in reading my favorite blog and spare a few moments to go through funny videos. After the blog, there are several social media I have subscribed to, so I reply to new chats, rant, and gossip a bit and by the time I get hold of myself, the time has already whisked by with not much progress to show for it. Just like any other addiction, no remedy seems pleasant for this clinging. The best way I have tried to curb my time loss on surfing has been to rationalize and reason with myself that it does not make sense to leave errands and responsibilities unattended just because I cannot take hold of my urges to grab my phone and surf. That sobers me up, and I attend to important matters at hand first, surfing takes backstage.

Time Management and Anxiety

Worrying, as ridiculous as it might sound, consumes a lot bunch of my time than I would care to admit. This mostly happens when I am alone and troubling thoughts creep up in my mind. It usually starts as a single thought but by the time I get hold of myself I realize it has become a web of tangled confusion. The worst bit about worrying is that it negatively affects my behavior and yet the things that I spend my time worrying about most will never even happen. I try my best not to let negative thoughts creep into my mind, as that is the cause of it all. I also become so alert and aware of myself that I arrest every negative thought or worry that is already going on and divert the time worrying into something more productive.

Is Reading a Bad Habit?

I am a reading freak. I just can't pass by a book store without going through a few fancy titles. Reading is a good habit, the problem comes in when I spend my entire time doing nothing but getting soaked into pages of a great read. As this is not a vice that should worry me much, I have set out to discipline myself to read at specific times and not throughout the day.


Time management is a habit we all should learn to develop. We should devote our time to activities that make us most productive while at the same time striking a balance between different life activities, not spending too much or too little time on an activity. An appraisal of how one spends their time would also be helpful as it will help in making amends and improvements on the weak aspects where one is poor at time management.

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