Expository Essay on Conformity: Obedience to Authority in Society

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Conformity is a social influence, which changes behavior or belief to fit in a group either formal, informal group. Obedience is a form of influence where individual acts in response to an order from an authority, it involves a hierarchy of processes where the person giving the order is of higher status than the person receiving the order.

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Positive Effects of Conformity

Conformity is all the more straightforwardly identified with social weight and impact compared to obedience which results from a reaction to authority than social influence. Conformity, in my opinion, is good and can result in positive effects when it comes to unfamiliar surroundings when you behave or mimic a particular behavior of a new group your chances of being accepted are higher.

Moreover, conforming to a new group guarantees protection and companionship as depicted in research carried out, that is appreciating what the group does and joining them is easier than having interacted with the group casually where chances of resistance are. In a military situation where orders are followed without choice becomes more of obedience than conformity but that has to work like that because they deal with critical and sensitive issues with matters of security. Consequently, sticking to the rules is part of the rules that govern them according to research which appears to be beneficial.

Situation and circumstances have an effect on the behavior of an individual rather than the character. Many people in critical situations would always want to stick with the crowd and insist on being like everyone else. This includes the decisions and the opinions made by the group in most cases as depicted by the research the decisions, opinions, interests like to depend on the environment around them the people they interact with most times.

Negative Effects of Conformity

On the other side, research has confirmed that the is a negative effect of not conforming, failure to conform leads to displeasure even if they truly believe that the crowd or group is wrong Since no one wants to be left out in the group decisions and participation. Conformity is part of us citing the religion which dictates the principles by which we are to abide, our parents and teachers always have insisted on the need for obedience and following rules. The media additionally assumes a noteworthy part in reinforcing the power of conformity.

The power of conformity is increasing across the entire society because of the emerging trends in the media. The media, social communication media has played a bigger role because the content they pass across reaches many people across the world whichever the source of origin they affect what we wear, products to buy, eat, what is normal and abnormal. People, therefore, tend to follow what they see, hear, and what is trending around them. Thus, people conform to these trends.


In our social Smaller groups its much more important to strengthen the power of conformity and obedience since its what binds us in everyday life as we work together, to remain informed and keep up with the latest trends we need always to conform to our groups of interest .obedience to authority is key even in our social groups for us to strengthen the power of conformity. People will always want to fit in some of their time with the surrounding environment and if it consists of friends, family, co-workers, classmates the compulsion to conform is stronger.

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