The 1960s Era

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Archaeology is one subject that historically has been an educative tool for learning the activities and culture of a given generation far back in time. In this current research, we were given a task to dig up an archaeological site and to our surprise, we found a time capsule. This time, capsule gives us the ability to go back in time to watch and learn the cultures, lifestyles, technology and even the level of education of a particular generation in time. It is important to understand that process of learning the cultures and lifestyles of a given generation encompasses the aspects of anthropology, linguistics, and processing of scientific data available in a particular time bubble. Below is an account of artifacts we managed to retrieve from the human era of the 19th century. Specifically, we dug into the 1960s era.

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The 1960s era was one full of pomp and wonder as it could be seen, it was a time of the renaissance of technology, the rise of modernistic art, new genres of music like the blues and rock music, the end of racism and fascism and many more new beginnings for the people living in this era. It is highly important to note that this era was also one filled with state wars, there dominant powers of the world waged war against other countries that they felt subdued their power and authority around the world. One infamous war was the Vietnam War. There are records of war on account of the nation against nation in new bulletins and the then government records. All these reports were found in the time frames of the time capsule we managed to unearth.

Harlem Globetrotters Jersey

This jersey was worn by sportsmen in the 1960s basketball games. The Harlem Globetrotters were a basketball team founded in the 1920s when racial segregation was at the peak; we found out that the Harlem Globetrotters team vaulted any form of racial discrimination, the team comprised of both white and black communities ("1960s artifacts on display at Museum of American History," 2014). We found out that this jersey was won by one Hubert Geese Ausbie, this individual was the clown prince of the game. The jersey is highly relevant to the people of the 19th and 20th century due to its symbolism of a team that was not bounded to racial ideologies but one with no discrimination based on the color of the skin ("1960s artifacts on display at Museum of American History", 2014).

The Vietnam War

The Vietnam War was one that was fought by the then United States of America against a smaller country, Vietnam. It was fought from the period of 1953 all the way to 1973 when the United States of America withdrew their army. The war was considerably costly; the records indicate that over 3 million people were annihilated during the war period. Out of the 3million casualties, on 58,000 of them were Americans. This means a time when superiority was all that mattered; nations fought other countries in a bid to stamp their control over other nations. The war took a very long time due to the sneaky and tricky nature of the insurgents; mostly the war can be termed as a guerilla warfare as most of it took place in the forests of Vietnam. North and South Vietnam has split but were later rejoined after the formulation of a road to peace strategy in 1973 that led to the end of the war. In this case, many Americans and Vietnamese people lost their lives fighting a war that never made sense to many of the American people and other global civilizations ("Vietnam War - Facts, Battles, Pictures & Videos -", 2016).


The 1960s saw to it the formation and the eventual evolution of rock music. The pomp created by rock and roll soon took a global curvature, and it was among the most popular forms of music in this era in time (Pearson, 2016). The rock and roll music genre was split into sub-genres such as blues rock, folk rock, psychedelic rock music and pop rock. Later there were other genres like Indie rock that became widely accepted across America and other states in the world. Apart from rock music, other types which were popularly accepted were soul music, rhythm, and blues and even gospel music. Taking a classical approach to the analysis of the music genre of the 1960s, other genres such as contemporary classic music, jazz and other forms of music that were not categorized but depended on the improvisation of the songwriter (Pearson, 2016).


The 1960s was one filled with the renaissance of modernistic art such as the pop art. This moment in time saw the reinvention of ideologies of art, free expressionist, and abstract art became the norm of this period. The themes of the pre-modernistic art time were one of morality, distinguished history, and the subject of mythology was being rid off, artist of this age embraced the expression of modernistic ideas of pop, warfare, despondency, irony and social animosity ("Pop Art Movement, Artists and Major Works", 2016). This time, the period saw the end of the boundaries of high and low art. Pop art was one that expressed animosity, the trauma of the soul and the joys of that period in the form of imagery such as cartoons and even in the field of advertising. The artists took a different angle in their final output, with images with irregular poses, different elevations, and this saw the rise of graphic designers such as Ed Ruscha. These artists managed to mix the realms of the high art of the 1860s saloons and the modern art of the popular cultures of the 1960s.

Games; Football

Football was a popular sport in the 1960s era; this game was enjoyed by many on a global scale. Football united the world in 1960s period, through the World Football Federation, Games such as the World Cup were organized. Teams from different states in the world competed against each other to be the global winners of the game. The 1960s saw to it the inauguration of the first United Sates National Football League Super Bowl (NFL 1960s, 2010).With teams such as the Green Bay Packers winning the world first ever Super Bowl. In basketball, the Boston Celtics, this team won 9 out of the ten possible championships that were to be won in the 1960s. In the world of boxing, there was Muhammad Ali, who was internationally recognized for his quick and bouncy moves while at the ring. All these renowned sportsmen of the 1960s set a stepping stone for the athletes of the generations that came after the 1960s. Sports was a highly accepted social gathering and competition that was highly recreational for the people living in this era in time.


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