Turtles Can Fly: Movie About the Challenges That the Children Faced in Iraq

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Turtles Can Fly is a movie that has great relevance in the modern society and educates the children on various virtues that help them to prosper in their lives as children as also as adults. The movie is about the challenges that the children faced in Iraq due to the invasion of the US army at the warzones. The children face the greatest challenges in the war torn areas of Iraq and this serves to be the sources of the various disabilities among the children such as the physical disability, blindness among others (Ghobad, 25). It is of great importance for the society to appreciate the role of the children in Iraq and how they tackle the various challenges that they face. In the movie, the children are presented positively as people that boost one another and help themselves to prosper despite the various negative factors that affect them.

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Regardless of the challenges that the children play in the movie, they help one another in building their lives after facing various hostilities from the soldiers and the support that they give one another helps in ensuring that they prosper. The movie shows Satellite as an innovative teenager that rises out of the illiterate village and amazes the community with his technological prowess in the community (Mian 67). At the tender age of thirteen, he has the ability to install satellite dishes that and antennae that enables the community to get news regarding their president Saddam Husssein. Satellite does this despite his limited knowledge of English and the inability to communicate effectively with the American soldiers. In this light, the movie presents the children as innovative and industrious people that are determine the change the course of the country from being war torn to industrious and agile one.

Moreover, the movie also use Satellite to show the industrious nature of the children as is evident in the way they sweep and clear the minefields with the view of recovering valuable materials that they can sell to gain income and have a rightful and justified way of survival. The children are also presented as virtuous as they are determined to change their state and refrain from any form of revenge for the challenges that they faced. This is because, as evident, many children were injured during the war but refuse to engage in any form of war or revenge by maintaining a boisterous prattle whenever they can (Ghobad, 27). They are also devoted to their daily work of rebuilding their country through the various economic activities in which they take place despite that vagaries of their life.

Besides, the children are presented as caring people as Agrin takes good care of her disabled brother, Hengov, despite the poverty they face in their family. Love and care is also elicited in the case of Satellite who falls for Agrin and offers her assistance in her poverty. It is in this relation that Satellite and Agrin develop and good relation that seeks to help in the improvement of their living conditions to combat the poverty level they both face. Finally, the children are forgiving as is evident in the case of Agrin where she was gang raped and conceived Riga. This is because, Agrin takes good care of Riga regardless of his condition of blindness and regardless of the fact that he is a product of rape (Mian 70). Unity among the children is a matter to acknowledge and should be appreciated and the society needs to adopt.


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