Syria and Syrian Refugees

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In the wake of the aggressive war in Syria, it is estimated that 13.5 million civilians require urgent humanitarian help. It is believed that this number will escalate as the war is getting worse. A large number of the Syrians have fled to the neighboring countries with Greece and Turkey receiving the most considerable portion of these refugees. In the recent wave of attacks, Turkey has closed down its border with Syria to minimize the refugee influx since it already hosts approximately 2.5 million Syrian refugees. Close to 40,000 Syrian refugees is trapped at the Turkey and Syrian border as they flee from the recent attacks on the insurgents by government forces aided by Russian airstrikes. Some of the refugees fleeing Syria have perished on their way to Greece.

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The United States should join the international community and assist in the current humanitarian crisis that has hit Syrian refugees. By accepting the refugees cross the border into its territories, the United States will be embracing its values as well as humanitarian obligations that it highly holds. The Syrian families are running from their homes because of the threats by a common enemy with the United States that is the ISIS (Ajami). Hence, the United States should be on the front line to protect theses Syrians from the terrorist group. Additionally, United States is one of the resilient members of United Nations, and all member states have the obligation to aid in the protection of peace as well as the security of other countries.

The United States is in a dilemma whether to engage its military force to suppress the war in Syria which has claimed many lives and resulted in most of the Syrians fleeing from their homes. It may not be advisable for the United States to engage in the Syria battlefield especially a time like now when Russia is joining hands with Syria to fight the terrorist groups and opposition. Russia and the United States have been having strained relations from 2014. The United States will also have to make a tradeoff since it has to engage its military force. The Syrian leader is dictatorial, and this is the reason he is facing fierce opposition from the rebel groups, for instance, ISIS and the Sunni militia ("Turkey's Frustrations Grow With Syrian Civil War"). If the United States engages military strikes on the ISIS and other rebel groups, it will have helped the Assad administration leaving the civilians in no better position. If it attacked the dictatorial government, it would have helped the terrorists; hence, the United States should back off from engaging in any military force and instead offer the humanitarian aid and let in the refugees from Syria.

The current Syrian civil war is the worst in the past decades causing a significant humanitarian crisis. Most of the families in Syria are struggling to survive amidst the fierce fighting. Others are struggling to establish new homes in the neighboring nations while others are taking the bold step of crossing to Europe. The harsh winter weather is also making the life of these refugees more difficult. Bombings and fierce gunfights are destroying the crowded cities with cases of human rights violation, and necessities are becoming sparse. The humanitarian aid routes have been cut off due to the aggressive fights by the government forces supported by the Russian airstrikes (Sharara and Kanj).

The Syrian Civil War can be attributed to the cultural polarization as well as the use of different religious and cultural groups by the political officials. The Syrian Wars began as a result of politics, but after the mobilization of particular groups of the Syrian army and the rebels the war took a cultural conflict dimension. The Syrian government engaged both the Hezbollah as well as Alawites who are from the Shia group to fight the Sunni jihadist (Ajami).

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