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Part I: Third Political Parties

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Crashing the Parties, 2004 is a video that talks about the 2004 presidential race which became a nail-bitter race and how the candidate could be given the presidential authority based on the percentage of the points, he or she gained. Ideally, the video is a one-hour special which debuted on WGBH nationwide political path which had not been traveled by many in the past. The video is significant because it provided the viewers an opportunity to meet all the presidential candidates and know their ideologies regarding the presidencies ( Thus, through the interaction with the candidates, the viewers could understand how they could make America great when given a chance to become the American president.

Another significance of the video is the provision of opportunity to understand the party systems in America. Initially, the two party system argued that multiple party system in America is dangerous since it weakens the country divides it into special interest groups rather than bringing them together to form a strong nation with coalition-based ideologies. ( On the other hand, the third party political system argue that multiple political systems are important as it represents and includes the public interest.

The Crashing parties, 2004 is also significant in that it provides educational programs regarding the American elections ( Through the video, voters can understand the importance of their participation in the election process.

Part II: American Interest Groups

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

It is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization whose aim is to preserve and defend the people's liberties and rights as guaranteed by the American constitution. The interest groups advocate for the people through the lobbying, the litigation and also the community empowerment. The group is important because it tries to ensure that the individuals in American received their right as provided for by the constitution (Strossen 124). It advocates for all the Americans regardless of the political, social, economic and racial status. The group also ensures that what is enlisted in the constitution is implemented and the protection of human rights is their core value. It accomplishes this by pressuring the leadership in place to provide the individual right as guaranteed by the constitution and that no interference of the constitution is witnessed from that leadership (Strossen 138).

I have selected this group since it is an inclusive group. Even though it majorly fights for the common man, it also ensures that the politicians are guaranteed their right to run for specific political positions without the interference from the incumbent government. The group uses the internet to advance their grievances, policies and political cause (Strossen 143). Most of the posts and blogs from the group are posted on the group's website for every person in the country to consume them. Furthermore, it uses such technological tools such as the Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp to champion for its policies and interests.

Part III: Political Blogs

Trump Supporter Tells Mike Pence Shes Ready for a Revolution If Hillary Clinton Wins:

It is a political blog which is geared towards supporting a particular candidate in America. The blog majorly supports Donald Trump, the 2016 presidential contestant. The blog talks about a rally which took place at Iowa where the supporters of Trump advocated for him and argued that they were ready to launch a revolution if the elections are faced by election and fraud that might make Hillary Clinton to win it (Mazza 01). The blog also argues that Trump has been continuously talking about the election frauds that might make him lose the 2016 election to Clinton. The audience were ready to support one of the voters who mentioned about the voter fraud and thus assure their support regarding the revolution if the election is faced with such cases. They argue that their lives depend on the coming elections since the peaceful election will guarantee them peaceful coexistence even after the election (Mazza 02). The major purpose of the blog is to advocate for a peaceful election free from voter bribery and election fraud. It talks about such political issues as the peaceful presidential election campaigns, free and fair election and also the role of a voter during the election campaigns and during the actual voting. I selected the blog because it touches on important issues of election which include peaceful election campaigns and free and fair election free from voter bribery and frauds (Mazza 05).

Part IV: Own Political Interest

If asked to form a political or interest blog, it would be of great importance to take into consideration the right of the common man. The common man has been majorly suffering from the mistreatment emanating from the government and other political leaders since they are weak and do not have the efforts to champion for their rights (Strossen 139). Championing for the rights on behalf of them will allow to see themselves as important in the society and can thus contribute constructively towards building the society.

The focus of the group is mainly to champion for the rights of individuals and enable them to enjoy their stay in the society (Strossen 141). The goals are of the group is to have a just society that respects the right of each and every individual. The group will mainly apply the Constitution to advocate for the human right as guaranteed by the constitution. The human issue right is important because respecting the human right will result in a just society where everyone would live peacefully and harmoniously (Strossen 149).

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