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This chapter presents the finding and the results from the analyzed data that was obtained in chapter three above. Charts have been employed to give the data a more preventable look that can be understood and comprehended by most viewers.

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Demographic Data

Gender Number Percent

Male 25 59.53%

Female 17 40.47%

The level of Education No formal education 2 4.76%

Primary School 9 21.43%

Secondary School 20 47.62%

Post-secondary (College and University) 11 26.19%

47.62 % of the study respondents have attained secondary school level of education which suggests they have sufficient information regarding the state of cinema entertainment in Saudi Arabia. It is followed closely by those who have attained post-secondary education at 26.19%. The gender balance between the study was achieved to ensure the issue of bias is sorted. The sample comprised of 59.52% male against 40.48% female. The males have a better image to the cinema industry, unlike the women who are prohibited from certain leisure mandates according to the Islamic sharia.

Figure SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 1 The current state of cinema in Saudi Arabia

From figure 1 above, 42.86 percent of the respondents agree that the cinema sector in Saudi Arabia is still developing. It is closely followed by those who believe that a lot needs to be done in the industry at 35.71 percent. It is a clear indication that the cinema in Saudi Arabia still needs a lot of improvement to attain the internal standards and to serve the people from the region and the whole world.

Figure SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 2 The Cinema Industry Talents have not been Tapped and Natured

Figure 2 above shows that 76.19 percent of the respondents believe that the talents are not properly tapped and natured. It is evidenced by the little or no artists in the field. Very few entrepreneurs and businesspeople are willing to venture into the business due to the little or no support offered by the state in the industry. There is a need for all the involved stakeholders in the sector to join hands and alleviate the industry to benefit the citizens of the country.

Figure SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 3 The cinema fraternity should be held responsible for the under-development of the industry

From figure 3 above, 73.81% of the study participant agrees that the cinema fraternity is responsible for the under-development of the sector in Saudi Arabia. No laws and regulations are prohibiting the development of the cinema content, but most people are reluctant to join and develop the sector. The cinema fraternity should take the initiative to champion the development of the sector and promote viable changes in the industry that will encourage more consumption of the cinema contents in Saudi Arabia.

Figure SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 4 The government is not doing enough to promote the cinema industry

From figure 4, 71.43 percent of the respondents agree that the government is to blame for the lack of development for the cinema sector. Cinema and Movie Theater in Saudi Arabia is still at a very tender age or not developed at all due to the hostility it faces from the existing cultural and religious beliefs in the nation. The government does not support film production studios due to lack of a well-structured framework to govern the production. Those who venture into the field do not receive any funding from the government and are left to do it on their own and will end up losing the incentive to produce more due to low consumption in the market.

Conclusions and Recommendations


I recommend the following to the cinema and film sector in Saudi Arabia.

The government to steer-head to necessary reforms in the cinema industry to encourage local consumption.

Investors to venture into the market and develop the industrys content to match the international standards.

The local citizens have a role to play in ensuring the right cinema content is available for the different function to avoid government banning and strict regulation of the vector.


The cinema sector in Saudi Arabia needs a lot of intervention from all the stakeholders so as to attain the recommended international levels. The sector should be fully developed to benefit the local artist and provide employment to the local citizen in the country. Resource need to be channeled to the sector for national economic empowerment from the return realized. The research findings have helped to prove the analogy that cinema is still developing in Saudi and a lot need to be done to achieve adequate penetration of the content in the country. When conducting future research, it will be important to provide questionnaires in a different language to favor the different segments of the study population.

My research topic

I chose to study on the current status of cinema in Saudi Arabia in order to ascertain its development and penetration in relation to the international standards.

2. How is your research related to Saudi Arabia?


The research questionnaire were conducted through survey monkey

The study sample and population was obtained randomly from people living in Saudi Arabia

The study utilized the responses from forty-two sampled respondents.

Analysis for the data obtained survey monkey for quantitative questions was operationalized using excel workbooks.

3. Brief methodology and findings


The study constituted a total of 42 respondents

71.43 percent of the respondents agree that the government is to blame for the lack of development for the cinema sector

73.81% of the study participant agrees that the cinema fraternity is responsible for the under-development of the sector in Saudi Arabia.

The overall research findings indicate that the cinema industry in Saudi Arabia needs a lot of improvement from the current state to allow it to match the minimum international standards.

4. What did you learn from GSEM 200 that you didn't know before.

I did not know the many available sampling designs and how to apply them appropriately to obtain data that is free from bias.

What GSEM 200 taught me?

I have known how to conduct meaningful research project and give valuable recommendations for future research and policy making for the stakeholders in the field of study.

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