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In 1970, Seymour Chwast was invited to visit the Louvre Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris that organized the exhibition for two months, with the theme of "Push Pin Style" retrospective, which has been highly appreciated by the French art world. This also continued to show in Brazil, Japan, Europe and other places thus his exhibition has been acknowledged in the international arena. In other places it has been accepted for permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art for example in New York, the Cooper-Hewitt Museum, Smithsonian Institution, Library of Congress, the Gutenberg Museum and the Israel Museum. To sum up, it has clearly shown that The Push Pin Groups distinct style has had a worldwide influence on contemporary visual communications (HELLER & CHWAST 1988).

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This is evident from the shift the author made from capitalism kind of art which was industrialized rigid design features. What I mean is that he starts to pay more attention to the visual aspect of communication and focus on the concept of ones thoughts or feelings. Thus, he succeeded in bringing out the importance of artistic expression into graphic design and at the same time being able to achieve the aesthetic and functionality (BRUCKNER, CHWAST & HELLER 1984).

It is beyond doubt that Seymour Chwasts designs totally give me a lot of good inspirations. That why most of his designs and illustrations have been widely recognized also been utilized as, illustrations, record covers and children's books, animated films, graphics, posters, package designs, and magazines. This makes me realize that being a good graphic designer requires intense creativity and imagination. Indubitably, I think it is important to have the vigour, drive, and vision that can produce a constant flow of inspirational ideas. In particular, I firmly believe that understanding exactly what graphic design is may change our interpretation of how design can be used to for us to benefit universally.

On this account, this as also pumped some sense in my brain which in return as made me realize the effect of graphic design and its impact on society through visual communication. Because this is the sure way, designers pass on message. For instance through, business logos, poster, and any other brand and that how different personalities cheap into a partner with specific brands. Also, the territories of the political arena as been significantly influential by graphic designs. This as been taken to higher heights when it comes to political atmospheres. This as brought different adjustments in the visual communication which as ushered in the contemporary work.

This lead to the great interview with Seymour Chwast, who shared out his design concept. He once said that When you paint for yourself, of course, you can follow your inner feelings, but when the paint is for others, you must use their favourite expression. You employed by others often must stand in someone else's point of view and standpoint to experience their very own emotions. The importance of customer insight has far beyond your imagination. His wording was on point since it openly decreed that good graphic designer should be able to be a good listener

Last but not least, graphic designs have an enormous influence to all of us because it encompasses our lives on each and every second of the day. Imagination, ability to symbolize all the customer needs, with a touch of innovativeness, creativity are foremost qualities to be put into top consideration to convey a stylish, modern and elegant presentation or a stunning image. That why Its prodigious to drudgery with somebody who is liberal and receptive. Who can employ an extra and creepy sense for what the designer can ponder silently but bring forth gorgeous graphical design ideas for customer consideration.

Feedbacks like this David was hired to create a corporate identity package for us. We have been triumphal about the whole process, and David has done a great job. He was fast to deliver new ideas and always helpful with our questions. His work on the logo was very impressive, and he gave us three great options to choose between. All three would have worked great! He truly is a designer with attention to detail and very understanding of your needs. David has certainly helped us develop a corporate identity that we can be proud of. He has been outstanding to work with all the way from the first contact to after the project was finished. I will not hesitate to use him again, and I can with no doubt recommend David. Shows the confidence needed to serve the client need and show the satisfaction required (AIREY 2010).



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