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Mosaic Floors

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The mosaic tiles are the most durable and the enduring flooring priority. These are the most beautiful tiles which are made up of the tiles which are not more than two inches. When they are laid down, they depict a stunning appearance especially when they are set in a single pattern. They are very natural since they are obtained from the different texture of the hard mosaic wood, and the mosaic stone flooring both give a natural appearance to the homes. They are of four types and; glass, ceramic, stone and the porcelain. Their shapes are very different from the others hence making them unique (Schulze, et al pp. 48). Their nature makes them less slippery when they are laid on the grounds since they have some rough texture


They represent that looks like a bird. They also constitute of the style of the art design which is painted both inside and the outside parts which make it apparently sounds like a bird. Its mouth looks like the one of a bird. It has the stripes like patterns on the neck. Most of the ewes have all, most similar structures to each other. Its appearance depicts something about Minoan and also represents the fertility as its bottom is wider like the woman who is pregnant (Moser, pp.345). It is a fundamental structure which tells more about the cultural variation between the present and the past.

Black figure

It has the incised outline. It is painted uniformly, but some other kinds have the various paintings. The firing of this pot requires the three stages before it is used. It is durable and looks presentable. It was used to store water and the other valuables. This depicts the culture of the peoples in the ancient era and their techniques in pottery.

Iraq bowl

They are made of the porcelain and the ceramic and fitted with the stand. They are hard and prestigious in nature. They are very durable and were mostly used in critical events. They were painted with the different colors which made it look unique and admirable to everybody (Balkansky, pp.95). This was selected due to its beauty and the durability.

The only difference between these two bowls is that one has a stand and different paintings, but both are the examples of the Iraq bowls. They are durable and presentable in nature. They are used in critical events and depicted the status quo.

Stone writings

This was very used fully in the ancient times since by then there was no book. It was used to store an individual information for the future reference .the stone inscription was the best way to store the information since the communities used to store the information pertaining their way of life on the stone inscription (Schulze , et al pp. 45). We get to know about the culture of the people by reading and interpreting the writings on the stones

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