Globalization of Literature and Music

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Globalization is mostly associated with political and economic processes as they have been on a steady rise from 1989 when technology began spreading around the world. Globalization of other sectors such as music and literature mostly depend on the political and economic aspects of globalization. The primary understanding is that globalization talks about the expanding scope of economic activities which occurs across nations or continents, such as a change in the American continent finding its way into Asia. Globalization also affects literature and music in that a book by an American scholar can be studied in African or japan while also when a musician releases a song, it can be downloaded all over the world. The paper below will focus on the effects of globalization on music and literature. Globalization has a great impact on literature because they are closely interlinked since most of the today's technological innovations can be used in enabling the spread and expansion of literatureCITATION Sus05 \p 34 \l 1033 (Janssen 34).

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Globalization has affected literature in some ways, for example, it has enabled authors who were previously never heard before to have their works across the world. Technological innovations such as computers and the internet have enabled authors to have their works available in different countries where translation is also available. With globalization, the headache of distributing is also gone with authors being able to send books via the internet and not relying on physical distribution which is more complex. For example, an author in the United States who wants to sell their literature work in China could do so quickly by sending the document through the internet, and the customers in China will print it at their convenience. This illustration shows that globalization has affected literature positively since if a person depended on physical transport, they could have taken a longer time. Another impact of globalization is that a group of author's who for a long time have been sidelined can be heard thanks to the development of computers and the internet. Authors mostly from African and South American were never heard before since publishers could not agree to publish their works but now they have a chance of uploading it on the internet and get a bigger audienceCITATION Cam03 \p 25 \l 1033 (Mccarthy 25).

Globalization of culture in general affects both the music and literature of a place, since they can get exposure to what other people are reading or listening to. A comparison between a situation in the 1970s and now shows that American music and European music have penetrated to the rest of the world to the point that many people cannot associate with their former music or literature. The globalization of literature and music for example in Africa results from the globalization of culture whereby Africans have changed their culture and embraced that of the Americans. This means that even though there are positive results of exposing their literature and music to the world, they also risk being assimilated and forgetting about their culture.

Culture is a wide term that is used to describe the general way of how people live, associate and behave in the society. The living, associating and behaving also involves literature and music since they are an integral part of the society. Due to this, the globalization of a culture of a certain place means that music and culture of that are going to be affected as well. Globalization of economic activities of a certain geographical area also results in the globalization of culture and people who embrace that culture.

There exists a deep relationship between globalization and literature studies since it affects the bearing they have on each other. Also, the relationship between globalization and literature is also seen by how the issue of globalization is thematized in literature books. Globalization plays a great role in the production and reception of books in different parts of the world. For example, when an author wants some books typed, printed and distributed to a certain location, the success of that process depends on how the area is globalized in the essence of having the latest in printing technologies. Globalization has affected literature in this essence, where authors can reach audiences that they could not reach before thanks to globalization.

Globalization has some effects on music, especially local music. Some factors can be taken into consideration when discussing this issue such as the potential effects of free trade treaties that could deprive the government of the right to give special support to the cultural sector. Globalization in music has been around for some time now, and it can be observed that musical cultures around the world have been given more strength, altered, extinguished because of the interaction between numbers of cultures between numbers of places. For example, the interaction between Japanese and American cultures can lead to some exchanges taking place and the music from both countries can be either strengthened or altered in the process. The music sector has been the one most affected by globalization since music is there for all to listen to hence only the best international music ends up taking center stage. This statement means that if people do not like a certain aspect of music in their area and they hear a better version from another place; they will both change and listen to that brand of music completely, or they will alter their music to suit their desiresCITATION Cam03 \p 30 \l 1033 (Mccarthy 30).

Musical diversity is real around the world whereby people listen to a variety of music styles such as hip-hop, rock, techno, house, dance, trance and electronica. The most popular styles of music have been influenced by globalization which has enabled them to spread rapidly. In the 1970's people around the world were not listening to such varieties which later originated from America and Europe. The spread and acceptance of the different types of music can be attributed to globalization. The globalization and acceptance of the different varieties of music depend on the structure of the music sector and its ability to support the normal progression for creation and dissemination. Globalization affects the culture of a place which in turn affects the way people live and the type of music the play or listens to. A good example is Africa where before colonization people listened and embraced and listened to songs with African culture. As time progressed, colonization brought in globalization which changed instantly how Africans viewed their musicCITATION Sus05 \p 5 \l 1033 (Janssen 5).

The impact of globalization on literature and literature studies can again be said to be as a result of people from all over the world interchanging ideas and opinions and also the interchange of culture and cultural aspects. This means that literature is changed and influenced by globalization providing an international arena where people meet and exchange opinions, ideas and discussions about literature. Globalization has impacted literature by being in a position to influence how different cultures interact and affect authors. The intermingling of people from different sectors, cultures, and dialects enable people to exchange literature without hurting each other's culture or prestige. By being globalized, it means that a person's view of looking at life, values, culture and language is changed, and they are introduced to the view of the other person's culture. From the literature point of view, the term globalization can be observed as the process of transformation of local and regional phenomena into views which can be studied around the world. This means that whenever an author is coming up with literal writings, their audience is not at the local level but only on the world stage. Globalization started with the masses traveling to other geographic areas for exploration, then with the interest for travel and enjoying personal space. Then came the globalization of technology whereby companies were in a race to come up with the best technological innovation aimed at making the world a small village. This goal was achieved and with it came other numerous impacts such as impacts on literature and music. Aspects, music, and literature, have been affected both positively and negatively. The positive impacts are that musicians and authors now can sell their music or books to a larger audience as compared to before globalization. A musician or an author's able to sell music or books to Asia simply through the internet. The negative impact is that piracy and copyright infringement is rampant through the internetCITATION Mau01 \p 20 \l 1033 (Guillen 20).

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