Sex Under the Influence

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When it comes to the issue of sex, it is a rather sensitive topic that most people avoid talking about. Moreover, for those of us who gather the little courage they have and explore the same, they tend to tread carefully on this matter. In fact, they do so very carefully that their talks are superficial and they lose their intended effect. In the end, more questions than answers are created.

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Initially, when God created sex, He intended it for recreational purposes between two consenting adults. To multiply and fill the world, He instructed, for those of us who actually take their time to read the good book. Of course, there is some sort of fun and pleasure affiliated with the same, Im not in dispute with that, but the primary aim outstands. So is this the case anymore? Is sex being practiced for recreational purposes or merely for fun and some other misguided reasons?

In an attempt to answer these questions, Webers theory of how ideas influence action will be put in consideration.

Webers theory helps explain the motive behind human behavior. The human behavior of interest that this paper is going to focus on is sex under the influence. Although people have been socially constructed to believe that sex is good, people are engaging in sex for all the wrong reasons. The major reason is being influenced by others and the society in general. The society has an opinion on how things should be and enough reasons why they should be that way. But who really is the society? Who makes it up?

The society is made up people like you and I. Just because a number of them have similar opinions concerning sex under influence, it doesnt make them right or you wrong. They are simply that; opinions. As a person, it is important to know which opinions to take and which ones to ignore. The modern society believes that having sex is the in thing. To add salt to injury, they are going ahead and glorifying those who have lots of sex by giving them fancy names such as studs. Meanwhile, the virgins and the ones exercising sexual purity are shamed and termed as not cool. The real reason why the society feels that having sex under influence is cool is primarily because it allows them to let go of their insecurities and alleviates the fear of being alone. There is an emptiness they feel inside and they think having sex will fill the vacuum.

Taking a closer look at the matter, why do people use drugs (alcohol included) in the first place? How can you describe the actions of people under influence? People often use drugs for various reasons but one reason remains consistent; to take a break from the normal world. This could be so that they can relive stress associated with the normal world, get some sort of temporary happiness not found in the normal world or act in a manner that is not acceptable in the normal world and when confronted at a later date, they would blame it on the alcohol or whatever drug it is they used.

Let us now associate the two issues at hand: being under influence and having sex. If being under influence makes you act in a manner that is not acceptable yet having sex is supposed to be a good thing, why should you engage in it under the influence? Using Weber's theory about how ideas influence action reveals the excessive amount of societal pressure that having sex is what you should be doing and being under the influence only makes it easier to do so.

The idea that having sex under the influence allows people to let go of their insecurities is false. Although many people feel as if their insecurities are being let go, they fail to recognize that that moment is only temporary and their insecurities will haunt them forever.Weber states, The valuation of the fulfillment of duty in worldly affairs as the highest form which the moral activity of the individual could assume. Weber recognizes that every action has a meaning and importance. This opens the way for society to help shift the ways in which people think and behave. Society has placed the importance of sex as something that is enchanting. This allows young men to believe that sex is desirable and it is something that everyone wants.

A good example is in the beer commercials. Women are depicted in bikinis and are generally objectified. This gives heterosexual men the idea that it is okay to pursue women while drunk and view them as an object. Their values on sex and alcohol/drugs are no longer separate but are looked at as a unit. I think society is fully aware that heterosexual men are insecure and shy when it comes to sex. Sex is still a taboo subject in which partners keep behind closed doors. Society is responsible for giving the idea to heterosexual men that it is okay to behave in such a way. The insecurities of heterosexual men are also what drive their ideas to action. Some men may feel ugly, fat, and or worthless. Generally, men arent taught how to express themselves and therefore it becomes difficult to read their actions. But having sex under the influence allows them to put on a mask of confidence that shields their true self. For the most part, men dont want to be perceived as weak, which will discredit their status among their peers. For most part, people hate being alone. There is this inevitable fear that if you are alone, you are depressed, not worthy, and/or weird. At some point in our lives we desire to be with someone. Who wants to go home alone after going to the bar? When people choose to have sex under the influence there is a chance that they might be with someone who they dont know at all. That could also translate to the same thing as being alone. There really isnt winning when it comes to dealing with inner loneliness/anxiety. This could essentially result in low confidence and self-esteem. Recall the idea of rejection; no one wants to be rejected from sex, so by telling yourself you are worthy makes it possible for the action to occur.There is also the consequence of being over confident. There is chance that having sex under the influence may boost up your confidence. For example one might say, I know what Im doing or I have nothing to lose. This reiterates the justification as to why having sex under the influence is okay. Although having sexing under the influence might boost up ones confidence it also is a testament to how and why that confidence is false. Alcohol/drugs can be looked at as a scapegoat to life. Many people use alcohol/drugs as a way to forget that they are a part of reality. This kind of confidence can only be explained by ethos, which is supposed to be the solution to the problem. What does society tell us about having sex? Society teaches young men that sex is something they should desire. If youre not engaged in sex, then you are the problem. Because there is an immense amount of pressure to have sex, men are forced to behave in ways that are not productive and can even come off ass misogynistic.

Weber says, "The influence of those psychological sanctions which, originating in religious belief and the practice of religion gave a direction to practical conduct and held the individual to it. The psychological sanction in terms of having sex under the influence is the equivalent to the peer pressure of society and close friends. Sex is no longer something people wait for until marriage. Sex is something that has evolved to become meaningless. Individuals and especially men are forced to act a certain way because of the fear of losing people or not getting the proper fame from their friend group.


In summary, we find that having sex under the influence stems from a simple idea which is subsequently translated to an internal consequence. Eventually, the etho is the solution to the consequence. People who have sex under the influence fall into temptation because of outside factors. Webers theory is a testament to how the social world influenced to behave a certain way.

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