Specific Several Changes in Nursing Organization

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Specific Several changes should be implemented in the nursing organization in order to increase the rate of access to healthcare services and most importantly increase the quality of service being offered to the patients that visit the organization on a daily basis.

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Through innovation and change, the management of the health care facility should be computerized to help in the redesigning and extending personnels role in the facility. This will also help in the reduction of queues, increase patient flow within the institution and also eliminate unnecessary follow-ups for patients.

Measurable The various changes done to this facility can be measured by considering various aspects within the health care sections. These aspects must be ready to help in the measuring of the impact of the changes.

Some of the aspects or rather measure to be considered include the following:

- service delivery;

- patient experience;

- clinical outcomes;

- staff benefits.

Service delivery is very important to monitor as it helps in determining the impact of the various changes in the health care facility. The service delivery will be satisfactory if it registers a reduction in the waiting lists, better flow of patients, pressure on clinic services can be drastically reduced, reduction in healing facility costs globally, decreases in healing center lengths of stay, decrease in bed days and most importantly the reduction in medicine within the facility.

The impact of changes implemented can be measured by considering the experience of patients will is detailed by improvement in the patient satisfaction, patients report expanded confidence and satisfaction in essential care groups doing organized care and less handoffs advantage patients among others.

Staff benefits can also indicate the impact of the changes by concentrating on measurable training opportunities to enhance the skills of hospital personnel and helps in enhancing the timely decision making as far as the running of the organization is concerned among others.

The clinical outcomes also play a major role in enhanced clinical quality through expansions in direct clinical consideration time and opportune intercessions through diminishing time to analysis among other factors.

Achievable During the introduction of the changes, it is important for the head of the facility to prepare the personnel psychologically for the upcoming changes. People fear change but again it is critically important that all obstacles are identified and necessary precautions taken

Most importantly, the head is required to come up with examples and present to the people involved in implementation that it is actually possible for the changes to be implemented successfully.

The party responsible in case of any failure should be the whole team. The blame should be collective so that the whole teamwork to avoid any failures.

Some of the obstacles that can be faced during this process of implementation are financial constraints, lack of proper equipment and lastly lack of adequate knowledge and skills.

Realistic The organization has all the resources needed in order to implement the necessary changes to improve service delivery. The equipment within the facility is appropriate to help implement the changes proposed. The personnel will be trained and equipped with proper knowledge in order for implementation to be successful. Some changes that are proposed such as redesigning and extending the roles within the patients pathways would require a change in the priorities of the facility in order to be successfully implemented.

Timed The implementation of the changes will take around six months. This takes into consideration the challenges that might be met during the implementation. Implementing the changes will also involve training for the staff and installation of the necessary equipment for the process is also considered during time allocation.

Also, special time should be set aside for engaging with the health facility personnel and preparing them psychologically for the changes that is yet to occur.

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