Individual Project Achieve Success In and Out Of Meetings

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Taking a course in communication has improved my competency while presenting my ideas both in writing and verbal forms especially to the social media requirements. First I must confess that at the beginning of the course I did not think that presentation mattered a lot from situational awareness, observing and learning from my colleagues presentations, and engaging with my audience. Also, following up after and during a performance ensures that professionals learn from present situations that are meant to be applied as guidelines for the future.

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I have discovered that planning in social media is foremost determined by an individual's ability to identify and be aware of a situation. By being conscious of a situation a person can present their work in full rapport and, as a result, their self-confidence is boosted. Strategizing in social media requires situational awareness considering the diversity of this platform and the number of communication means accrued. Therefore, during my presentation, I learned to put into consideration several factors including, perceptions, relationships, attributions, hierarchy, physical distance, cultural differences, expected and unexpected messages. Also, I have learned to avoid presenting conflicting information, biases, source value, misinterpretations, and non-verbal cues. Significantly, I have also discovered that listening and observing presentations from others especially my colleagues is crucial. Their ideas are important because of the added knowledge carried along. In this session, I have learned the advantage of being persuasive. Their presentations are mostly understated, covered in bits, and presented directly and in clarity. Moreover, in the process, I have learned that in social media planning presentations should be backed up with appropriate audiovisuals and graphics in relevance to the topics covered (Robbins et al., 2013). Most actually, I have discovered the importance of selling out my ideas especially to the audience on social media thus the need to put more effort and lots of persuasion in this profession.

Importantly in social media planning, it is critical to follow up on my audience both during the presentation and afterward. This is mainly because following up ensures that each understands and follows my ideas regardless of their significance or prowess. By following up after the presentation ensures that my audience keeps thinking about my idea and thus they can give me honest feedback in the absence of the others. Following up mainly entails considering my presentation style bearing the fact that every individual's approach to ideas varies differently with people's preference changing with their preferred style. Moreover, visual communication tends to impact people more and retain the information consisted for longer. With this approach, I have learned that my audience can remember and on occasions evaluate my ideas and work comfortably even in an off-the-table discussion (Robbins et al., 2013). Nonetheless, I have an overreliance on written materials during my presentation which has proven to be less effective in comparison to using oral and visual communication. Social media entails presenting my audience with attractive images followed by very little information. As a result, a lot of written materials have prevented the potential users in my presentations from having their needs met. Therefore, I have had to deal with fewer feedbacks and ideas from my intended audience. This is a critical observation considering that social media relies very little on written information as compared to visual and oral presentations. Thus, in future situations, I will consider this tactic while I present my work.


Robbins, S., Judge, T. A., Millett, B., & Boyle, M. (2013). Organizational behavior. Pearson Higher Education AU.

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