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Born and brought up in Vienna, Alfred Adler is credited with his emphasis on people's tendency to center their attention on maintaining power over their everyday life. A second born in a family of three, Adler could not walk because of rickets and only managed to do so in his fifth year. His outgoing and popular attribute motivated him to practice medicine focusing on psychology and human insight. Adler married Raissa Timofeyewna in 1987 they bore four children, two who would later become psychiatrists. Although he began his career as an ophamatologist, he changed to general medical practice and then switched to psychiatry joining the Freuds group in 1907. He moved to the US in 1926 and visited several learning institutions on psychiatric lecturers. He died of heart attack in Scotland while giving a lecture at Aberdeen University.

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Individual Psychology

According to Adler, an individual represents an indivisible whole, entailing the environment, people, and all that makes up the individual. Considered as the grandfather of humanistic psychology, Adler's Individual Psychology point to the fact that a person remains the best decision maker of his/her growth, desires, interests, and needs. According to Adler's psychological argument, an individual has to confront three obligations, namely, love-related, societal, and vocational forces. These rows often establish an individual's ultimate personality attribute. He developed his hypothesis on the pre-adulthood growth of an individual. His theory focused on areas including deformities, birth order, and hated children among other environmental and natural determinants.

The Basic Nature of Human Beings

According to Adler, the fundamental nature of human beings is to feel significant and to belong. His psychology argues that individuals focus on compensating for the self-professed inferiority to other people. Often the feelings could derive from the birth position, adverse experiences in childhood, one's low view. These feelings and the combined need for recognition, affiliation, appreciation, give rise to a condition that takes a central place in one's personality. For example, an undisciplined adult, is a discouraged adult, a clear manifestation of humbling experiences earlier in life.

Feel of Inferiority and the striving of superiority

Alder's Individual Psychology includes the growth of personality, pushing towards superiority, psychological health, and personality unity. Adler's inferiority complex hypothesis describes a situation in which an individual has a profound lack of self-worth. According to Adler, the determination to excel, attain a goal, and the ability to overcome challenges marks the feeling of strength, superiority, and completeness. In analyzing superiority complex, Adler asserted that an attempt to overcome inferiority complex, such as surpassing negative feelings often gives rise to feelings of superiority. Adler believed that everyone was making an effort to overcome feelings of inferiority to achieve and attain superiority.

The structure of personality

According to Adler, personality structure is made up of organ inferiority, feelings of inadequacy, striving for superiority, Style of life, Fictional Finalism, And social interest.

Organ inferiority denotes to the vulnerability of human organs to diseases. According to Adler, inferior organs grow deficiencies due to environmental factors that prevent an individual from living normally. Feelings of inferiority emanate from reliance on adults during childhood that results in weak sentiments, and impotent stimulation that gives rise to the urge to overcome and feel superior. However, Adler stressed that sense of inferiority complex is not a sign of weakness and it is a normal feeling in a person. The profound sense of self-gives rise to the urge to strive for superiority, a master of living a perfect, able life. Style of life denotes to those aspects of life that an individual focuses on such as personal goals, healthy living, etc.

At a personal level, I am an extrovert and firmly believe in a value driven society. I highly uphold traits that do not cause controversies or disagreements. In my personal moments, I reflect and meditate in my personal attributes and how they contribute to my development. I hate dishonesty and value truth, chastity, and close relations that aim at constructive development. However, I am slow to connect with people I barely know. Despite my outgoing nature, it takes me a lot of time to establish a genuine relationship with a new person in my life.

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