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A typical day in my life usually starts at 5 am with a blaring sound from my alarm clock. I then spend approximately ten minutes on my bed struggling with sleep as I try to regain my conscious before I get out of bed. After getting out of my bed, I do say a prayer for about five minutes. After saying the prayer, I usually turn on my personal computer and start playing inspirational music. I like playing inspirational music as a way of motivating myself to face the new day. I often then change from my sleeping pajamas into my training suit and head out to jog. I often jog for approximately thirty minutes. After completing jogging, I often come back to my apartment and go straight to my bathroom to take a cold shower. The inspirational music is usually on as I head out of the house to go and jog. I am a spiritual person and a firm believer in positive energy. I believe that inspirational and positive music gives me positive energy and plays a major role in making my day to turn out positive. As the inspirational music plays, I often go to my kitchen and start preparing breakfast. Preparing breakfast usually takes an average of twenty minutes. My breakfast usually consists of a cup of coffee with milk and a snack. I like drinking coffee because it energizes and makes me psyched up to face the day. After taking breakfast for approximately fifteen minutes, I often brush my teeth. After taking my breakfast, I usually apply body lotion on myself and then change into new clothes.

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At around 7 am, I usually ensure that I have all my necessary reading materials for that days lessons and put them in my school bag. After ensuring that I have all reading materials, I usually head out to catch my school bus at the bus stop which is at a walking distance from my apartment. The bus usually arrives at 7:30 am. The bus often takes approximately thirty minutes to my school.

My classes usually start at 8.30 am. During times when I have no classes while in school, I often spend my time in the library. Most of my time in the library is usually spent doing assignments and researching on various topics related to my subjects of study. I attend an average of four lessons in a day. Most of the lessons last for two hours, but there are some that last for three hours. My course of study involves conducting experiments. Lessons that involve conducting experiments usually last for three hours. I often break for lunch at 12.30 pm. I take my lunch at my schools student mess. My typical lunch consists of a source of carbohydrate, a source of protein, vegetables, and fruit. By 4 pm, I am usually done with my classes. I am a member of three sports club and societies. From 4 pm to 6 pm, I usually attend meetings and take part in activities related to the clubs and societies that I am affiliated to.

At around 6.30 pm, I usually take a bus back to my apartment. On arriving at the bus stop close to my apartment, I often go to a grocery shop and buy groceries that I use to prepare my dinner. Immediately I arrive in my apartment; I often head to my bathroom to take a cold shower. After my cold shower, I usually change into clean clothes and start to prepare my supper. I usually take approximately forty-five minutes to complete preparing my supper. I take around fifteen minutes to eat my supper. After eating supper, I usually take around one hour browsing the internet, catching up with latest news and information. There are days I spend about two hours to watch a movie after supper, and there are days where after catching up with latest news and information, I go straight to bed. I am usually in bed by 10 pm.

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