Disciplinary Question in School

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Throughout my school years, I have tried to be the best person. I have so many achievements, but every person has his or her own low-points, no matter how accurate and careful they are. I was not a trouble maker, but I can recall some instances when I was at logger head with the school authorities. I recall my 9th grade year in high school just like. I had just come from a bad 8th grade year from a different school, which was notorious for bullying new students. My new school was worse at practicing the vice. There were instances when i became victim of ridicule and torment from my new schoolmates. I was to be strong, and I had to defend myself. I decided every time a person tries to mistreat me, I should react and defend myself no matter who it was. This decision came with its costs. I became rebellious and sometimes I was involved in fights and sometimes I did some things exceptionally horrible because I wanted to show everyone despite of being new, I was not weak.

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I vividly recall an instance, which I am not proud of to date. One of my senior tried to bully me in front of my classmates. In my effort to prove a point to my friends, a fight broke outside our class. As we were pushing each other, a lower pane broke and the fight instantly stopped. The matter was forwarded to the school authority. We were summoned by the school senate, and we were questioned. We were both subjected to after-school detentions for fighting and a one day suspension for the broken window. I also underwent through vigorous interrogations, which made me feel guilty and sorry for my actions.

On another instance, I answered an urgent call while in class. I was sited at the back of the hall, and realized if I did not answer the phone, I would lose a big chance in life. My professor did not understand the situation. He accused me of indiscipline. This also earned me a detention. Since then, I have been careful, especially handling phone in class. I was somehow to blame, because I did not make him understand the reason for answering the phone. In the school rules, it is clearly states that, Nobody should answer a call while in class. For this reason, I accepted my punishment. The detention and suspensions I experienced have shaped my life. Words cannot explicitly express the regrets and personal battles I have undergone, due to these two occurrences. I am a totally different and mature person thanks to these wake-up calls. At any instance, I never want to repeat these mistakes again in school or in life. I regret that the thought and actions of others made such immerse impact on me, making me to behave like an idiot. I realized I wasted much of my 9th grade experience being an object of approval. I am undeniably a changed person now. I attended counseling sessions, where I learn how to control myself, and avoid letting anger, hatred and revenge to occupy my mind. I also learnt how to forgive and make impact to people who treat me wrongly. I also learn the essence of strictly following set rules, no matter the excuse.

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