Training Programs and the Effectiveness of Training

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On my visit to McDonalds Company, I realized that this is one of the companies that offer perfect training to its workers since there was numerous indication to this which a led to efficient and a successful training session. Notably, I realized the company customer service is one of its priorities which are directly linked to its core objectives. That is, it gives the fastest customer service in all its branches. An example which proves this assertion is the rate at which I was served owing to the fact that the queue was too long and unbearable. Amazingly, I found the line moving very fast and within three minutes, I had reached to the serving point of my preferred meal. Interestingly, even in that speed and hard work, the employees were in a jovial mood and were kind to their customers.

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Another core objective observed at McDonald is the high standard of workers training which increases their motivation level. Undoubtedly, from how they perform their work, it can be deduced that they adore their jobs. In doing so, they have increased their pace of work which in turn brings a positive result. As a matter of fact, I found the employees very young and active and operate credibly within the firm. Accordingly, the performance of the employees at McDonalds is one factor that impresses the customer. On the same note, the features of training can also be observed on the devices and the equipment within the premise. Specifically, toilets and floors are immaculate which leaves one to wonder how they keep the place tidy despite the number of individuals who uses such equipment within an hour. As such, the training of the employees has enabled the enterprise upsurge profitability and efficiency of the firm which has ranked it as the best fast food restaurant on a global scale.

As stated earlier, training has enabled McDonald to attain its aims and objectives. Notably, as one of the functions of training, it has provided the company with one of the best and most efficient workers who have increased the productivity and efficiency of the firm. As a result, the revenues have gone up due to increased sales. On the same note, the quality of the products has improved as due to well trained and qualified workers. As a result of good quality training, customers are satisfied with the services of the company, and this can be evidenced by the client complaints book where I found very positive comments in regards to services offered by the workers.

Another issue that I found linked to the effective training is the employees exposure to better working place due to their knowledge and experience gained from McDonald comprehensive training. As a matter of fact, this aspect benefits the employees instead of the company. Specifically, skilled labors tend to increase turnover since they can be absorbed by any company as they possess the needed skills. Notably, when the turnover is high, it is the company which is losing, especially when they have invested a lot of money on training, such workers. It is for the high turnover that I would suggest McDonald signs a deal that will compel the trained employees to stay at the firm for a certain period, probably five years without leaving. This will enable the business to get back the money used to train such employees. However, this also has a negative aspect to the company especially when the employee who has signed a five-year contract is not good enough and the training does not change how he/she performs her/his duty. Such employee will get regular wages despite the poor performance.

However, I would advise the company to ensure that the hygiene in the production line is maintained to the standard. Specifically, I noticed that there was an employee on the production line who was undertaking his duties without sterile gloves. This is dangerous for the company especially when the customers realize that employees work without sterile gloves since that may transfer bacteria to the products. As a result, the esteemed customers can desist from shopping at McDonald. In the end, sales will reduce when the client turnout is indigent. On the same note, the company can be charged with laws regulating food production for producing products that are dangerous for consumption. However, when hygiene is improved, the image of the company shall improve, and it will attract more customers and continue to hold on its position as the best fast food restaurant. Conversely, improving the hygiene need extra money that makes it a bit challenging since a comprehensive training has several steps.

Following the discussion furthered herein, it can be concluded that McDonald provides quality and efficient training program that is very imperative for the employees as well as the performance and the production of the firm. This could be ascertained by such factors as efficient and fast service, quality customer service, improved sales, and positive comments from the visitors at the company. However, the company needs to spend a little bit money to improve hygiene to standard to hold on its position as the best fast food restaurant in the world.

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