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Living in a developing country that is infested with any form of conflict and violence can be one hell of an experience for anybody to bear. It is not an easy task especially for people who are trying to concentrate and further their education in an unstable state that can experience chaos at any given time. Therefore, it is important that individuals who have finished their college education in such countries to seek further training and prepare a better way for their juniors. Therefore, it will be of a better impact if I receive a CSP scholarship and get a chance to attend training on peace building and conflict resolution. I intend to use the training I get to plant a seed of peace in my country and educate my kinsmen on peaceful conflict resolution ways to promote peace and unity in my home country.

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The greatest challenge I have is that I cannot afford to cater for my transport and the fees required for the training leaving me with only one option that is to seek financial assistance from scholars. Working as an Americorp (Volunteer Infrastructure Program Coordinator) as a volunteer does not earn me sustainable income because they pay us stipends. I use the little I get from my voluntary work to pay my bills and for my upkeep since I do not receive any help from my parents. I love my home country, and I am always bothered by the conflicts that take place from time to time slowing the development of the state. Also, I am worried for my parents living there because they cannot afford to relocate to a better country as they live from hand to mouth.

Since I was a little kid, I always dreamt of taking part in ensuring that my country grows and transforms into a better one by engaging in development projects. Thus, I believe that no country can prosper in the absence of peace. For any developments, there must be the existence of order first to allow different activities to take place. Even though I currently live in a developed country, it is difficult for me to obtain the amount of money required to cater for the CSP training. Receiving the US $3,800 for the fees and the US $1,000 for the fare will be of great assistance to me. The amount will not be spent on me in vain, and I will ensure that it will be tapped back to the society in a profitable manner.

I do not wish to stress my parents to look for the huge amount since my dad works in a local industry that employs him on contract terms while my mom is a small scale farmer. They also have the responsibility of taking care of my ailing grandfather who needs requires a dialysis in every week due to some kidney-related complications. I feel that they have enough burdens on their shoulders, and I cannot add another one to them.

I also have acquired some useful leadership skills since I was an active member of the USIU Business Club, Kenya. I had participated in the post-election case (Kenya, 2007) as an observer in the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands. I believe these factors put me in a better position to qualify for the scholarship for the CSP peace training to polish my already acquired skills. The training will mould me into a more productive person in my community and will help me improve and change the situation in my home country for the betterment of my people. I will be glad if awarded the most coveted scholarship and will boost my motivation to inspire more people back home hence leading to a positive change in society. I am looking forward to attending the most awaited training conference after getting the scholarship and promise that I will utilize the training received to the maximum.

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