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Getting a scholarship to study for a specific program is the best chance I could get in life. Getting a scholarship opportunity will enable me give back to the community the vital knowledge and skills acquired from the scholarship program. Receiving a Christermon Foundation Beverage Industry Scholarship is much more than a dream-come true for the community and me. The scholarship has great contribution in changing my perspectives and improving my ability to make a positive impact in the community in times to come. I have a huge passion in helping those around me through various ways to make them feel loved and better and this scholarship will go a long way in improving my skills and ability to handle and care for those around me.

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The reason I took the scholarship was because I wanted to gain exposure and knowledge that would help me advance in my endeavors as well as enrich my community after the completion of the scholarship program. I must confess I was elated when my application went through. It gives me immense satisfaction when I help the needy and the less fortunate in the society. Getting a Christermon Foundation Beverage Industry Scholarship will widen my capabilities to reach out to more of the needy and less fortunate in my community which will eventually enrich and transform lives to realize their full potential. This scholarship opportunity will place me at a higher pedestal where people in my community, especially the youth can be motivated to strive to become the best and unleash the potential lying unexploited in them. They will be challenged to see the endless possibilities that appropriate knowledge can achieve.

My passion to serve the community and encouraging them to help each other has been the fuel behind my commitment for community service. It has now been boosted to greater heights owing to the opportunity offered by Christermon scholarship. Community service offers me the opportunity to experience the day to day challenges that community members face. This will help in coming up with real time development projects as I am able to empathize with their felt needs. I am also able to assess those areas of the community that need urgent and immediate attention in terms of development needs. My passion for community service is upheld by the belief that we as a community can achieve a higher standard of living relative to the one my community is leading currently.

Community service is a vocation I intend to participate in while I am in college and after completion. After going through with the Christermon Foundation Beverage Industry Scholarship, I will be coming back home to offer any help as well as to assess the situation on the ground. After competing college, I will use the knowledge acquired to enlighten the community on various matters that can help them develop as well as encourage unity, cooperation and teamwork in order to enrich the lives of those around them. This will immensely help me in the advancement of my career and build on life experiences that could help me handle future challenges in my profession or the life after college.

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