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A family reunion is an occasion where the extended family members congregate such as all cousins, siblings, parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents for a meal. A family reunion is a sacred gathering of the household members for reacquaintance to each other and bond reconfirming among them. This gathering is there purposely to reassure love, which flows from one member of the family to the other as it goes beyond biological levels. In that regard, a family reunion is not held purposely to show failure, success, or style but it is for the reassurance of love between family members (Alexander, 2014). Family reunion both national and biological is held for the purpose of reflecting the familys present and past to get a better view of the future. This topic will entirely cover the family reunion and its importance of maintaining relationships.

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Family reunion as it is the reassurance of love and a bonding event has already occurred on many occasions in different places such as on 26th - 27th July 1986 it was held in Sylvester, Georgia. 4th -6th August 2006 in California, Palmdale; July 25th - 27th July 2008 in Taylor, Michigan. July 9th -11th July 2010 in Sylvester, Georgia; 13th - 15th July 2012 in California, Simi Valley. A family reunion is of great importance as it reunites and maintains relationships between family members. This year the fifteenth Bi-Annual family reunion will be celebrated, and we are looking forward to having a blessed event. Our family from the southern in 2014 in Atlanta Georgia gave us a very memorable and beautiful reunion, which made to have tremendous excitements. A family reunion is about having fun: giving glory to God, dancing, and singing, and bringing together young and old in fellowships.

The theme of the year is faithful servants as we are from different parts of the country, state, and city we should have in mind that we are from houses of two rooms and old barns which housed three generations at the same time. Our great-grandparents and grandparents gave birth to this generation while working hard as slaves. For our sake, they persevered the heat of the day for the betterment of our lives. In that case, that is the blood running through our veins, and we are made from the stock of John Henry Hall, Lillie Johnson Choice, and Mack we are supposed not to forget who we are as we are chosen generations of the holy and royal nation. As peculiar people, we need to show our praises fort to him who has called us from darkness and brought us to his marvelous light. In all, let us maintain the dignity and pride we share with one another. In such terms, when you leave this reunion have in mind that we are vines of strong roots which is the legacy that does not have an end. The family is the integral and most important part of the society where a solid family foundation provides us with wisdom, knowledge, and strength to enable us to travel through the journey of life.

Due to that, the family love and unity make us continue congregating for the purpose of fellowshipping with one another as we share bad and good times together. In that regard, as we come together in a reunion God continue smiling on us and gives us the chance of forgiving one another. During the family reunion, the presence of active mentors and leaders will continue to give foundations that will make Faithful Servants in the Christian journey to grow. A family reunion is an important part of the family heritage because it made me meet some of my family members who I did not know like the loveable great aunt, grandfather, and cousins. The family reunion made me realize forgiving, care, sharing, and love that was passed by my great- grandparents down as they were dancing and singing, talking, laughing and hugging as if they did not have any care in the world. The heritage of my family came from parents whom I did not know as my great- grandparent. Children were taught how to respect others and themselves for them to be respected back. Also, they were taught to live within their means and work towards what they want.

To hold a family reunion nowadays help to fill voids in many households as it provides us with an opportunity to go home psychologically for a few days or hours for the enjoyment of a sense of kinship and revisit memories with other members who we share a family tree (Kluin, & Lehto, 2012). In such terms, through a family reunion the generational gaps are bridged. In an extended family, the reunion is an important thing as it helps members of the family to identify new spouses, newborn babies who have joined and relatives who have died recently. It is a great reminder of shortness of life as well as the family life dynamics (Czabotar, & et al., 2014). Reunion gives an opportunity to see as to why we should keep in touch with other family members throughout. In that regard, when reunions are properly planned they are powerful anchors towards giving an extended family the stability during social turbulence and rapid change. The family reunion has many ideas that make it unique to everyone irrespective of age. Such ideas help in storytelling hence enabling members to know each other well. Such stories are so enjoyable when comes to children as they hear what they have never heard before about family members. However, not all stories that are appropriate it is important to tell the respectful ones that promote relationships.

The important part of household life is Family reunion because it preserves relationships, stories, favorite recipes, and fond memories that may last for generations. Family celebrations and gatherings, when given a chance, provides members with a sense of belonging that is deep, bonds that are strong and lasting, and significant values that can be passed from one generation to the other. In family reunions, many social planned activities are implemented at outdoor picnics in particular (Eliot, 2014). Like face painting, pie-eating contests, egg races, and Potato Sack races are held. Participants besides the obvious fun provide family bonding and laughter with an extraordinary opportunity. Some large families allow nametags to be put on with everyone to assist in identification, which finally personalizes the experience of the reunion. Therefore, a family reunion is of great importance as it makes family members to congregate, connect with one another, and provide an opportunity for each person to share values and memories that last a lifetime.


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