Influence of the Protestant Reformation on the 16th Century Art

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Protestant Reformation was a religious movement which divided Christianity between the Roman Catholics and Protestant churches. The Protestant churches rejected Catholic art and encouraged the destruction of images, paintings, sculptures, symbols, and monuments as they regarded them as symbols of idolatry.

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How does Artemisia Gentileschi's Judith Beheading Holofernes illustrate the key visual elements of Baroque art?

In Artemisia's painting, Judith beheaded Holofernes to save her people from Assyrian Army officers wrath. The baroque art illustrates the Catholic dogma and a movement against some practices depicted by Judiths action to the Assyrian Army.

Read ten thousand books and walk ten thousand miles. In your opinion what does this mean?

The above quote postulates that artists under training ought to read multiple art books in order to amass vast information essential in improving craftsmanship through examination of how different artistic models are constructed.

Explain how Nagasawa Rosetsu's Bull and Puppy shows a mastery of the Naturalistic painting style that came out of Kyoto in the 18th C.

The picture portrayed the tastes and preference of the 18th and 19th century wealthy merchants class of patrons. The merchants borrowed printing styles from natural monuments of Japan. The material world borrowed from Buddhists and Japanese sets standards for masterful color woodcut.

Compare and contrast any two artworks from North America

In plain culture, plains and northwest coast artwork adopted quillworks and paintings. Their decorations were geometric rather than figurative. The northwest coasts wood on the other hand wove and developed art through the use of tree barks and wool from mountain goats. Unlike the plains, the northern coasts used graphic designs in their decorations (masks, figures, canoes and totem poles).

Indigenous Australian concept of "Dreamtime" and how it relates to art.

3000375116586000Dreamtime is one of the unchanging network of association of human, birds, animals and Pisces originating from ancestral spirits beliefs which shaped the arts and painting world. Regarded sacred as it avails arts, stories and paintings of creation, supernatural beings and physical world.


Importance of the "Spirit World" and its connection to art in Africa

The African concept of reality and destiny is deeply rooted in the spiritual world. The African believed in spirits for protection in times of trouble. Wooden masks were used to represent ancestral deities while statues were believed to connect individuals to spiritual forces.

Taj Mahal has often been described as delicate despite its size and grandeur, discuss how this is achieved

Taj Mahal is often considered delicate since it represent the tomb of shah Jahans wife who died while giving birth to their 14th child hence a symbol of love. It was originally made of gold which was later replaced in the 19th century by gilded bronze. Besides, it has a garden and act as a tourist attraction sites hence viewed as the point where shah Jahan has appropriated the authority of God and a symbol for the glorification of his own reign in the 16th century.

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