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The four goals of writing an argument/persuasive essay include to inquire, to convince, to persuade and to negotiate. Arguing to inquire involves finding the truth by questioning an opinion or reasoning his or her way through conflicts or contradictions. To argue to convince entails the writer seeking assent from others through making a case to get others to agree with that the writer thinks. One puts his or her case against those of others so as to win the assent of readers. Arguing to persuade involves attempting to influence others behavior and thinking so as to move them to act upon their conviction. To achieve this goal, the writer might utilize rational, emotional, personal and/or stylistic appeals. Lastly, arguing to negotiate explores different opinions to reach an agreement or consensus. It involves making and asking concessions.

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Considerations in understanding the audience

It is particularly important for a writer to focus on a specific audience. However, one has to be aware of that particular audience to make the writing not only audience-specific but also effective. Ruszkiewick suggests that writers need to know their audience by thinking about seven: purpose of the writing, context, media, voice, tone, persona, and appeals.

How to find counter argument and emotional appeals

The process of finding counterarguments involves considering what someone who might disagree with your claim might have to say or respond to each claim or point the writer has made or the whole position. This process involves being acknowledging points of view different from ones perspective and making significant attempts to point out possible contractions or weaknesses in the argument. Emotional appeals are considered when the writer wants to pique and get the readers curiosity and attention, hence strengthening his or her arguments.

Structuring goals

When creating a structure, the following four goals should be covered: (i) provide an introduction that provides background and thesis statement, (ii) to include strong evidence in support of the claim in the body, (iii) to use standard writing conventions, (iv) to conclude with a compelling conclusion.

Making sentences more vibrant

Some ways to make sentences vibrant when writing include using sources to support ideas, using sentence variety, proofreading to ensure standard writing conventions, ensuring accurate punctuations, eliminating spelling and other grammar mistakes.

Effect of Google on reading

Regarding the reading assignment, Is Google Making Us Stupid? I use Google about 150 times a week and at least 15 times a day. Given the immediate access to information through the Internet, Google has become an important part of my life. My interests in using this medium include academic, personal and social.

Dependence on internet according to Nicholas Carr

Nicholas Carr makes very valid points regarding our dependence on the internet. His points and claims are based on psychological, behavioral, and neurological studies that examine how information technologies shape our habits of mind. The long spans we spend on the Internet might compromise our cognitive and behavioral abilities, such as abstract vocabulary, mindfulness, attention, reflection, inductive problem-solving, critical thinking, and imagination.

Google positive attributes

Google enhances our ability to communicate, research, and carry out our day to day activities in the sense that it has made these processes and activities not only easier but quicker as well. Google has provided immediate access to communication media, research information, and many ideas on conducting our daily activities.

Dependence on internet

It is true that many people are today dependent on the Internet. There are several pros of using the internet in nursing. First, it enhances research in nursing by providing easy access to vast data. For example, I bounce on vast articles and other scholarly materials for my academic research online. Second, it facilitates communication in health care settings. For example, it allows nurses to interact live with their patients or colleagues. Third, it fosters collaboration among professionals in the nursing field. However, increased use of the Internet can bear adverse effects on caregivers control over their attention, ability to sustain their concentration, memory, and thinking. For example, a nurse who is constantly distracted by emails, notifications, and other Internet messages may make gross mistakes while at work.

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