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It gives me immense pleasure to recommend Kuwalsanam to your graduate school. I have known him for his entire undergraduate study for Bachelors of Architecture at BSSA. I was his mentor for Architecture design in the first year of architecture, also taught him theory of design, took core urban design studio, as well as was his mentor for his final Design Dissertation. Throughout this time of intensive learning, he proved to be a diligent student, he showed impressive prowess with his architect mastery.

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Kuwalsanam is the most outstanding student that I have encountered in my ten years of teaching. He has set a paradigm as he studied widely to learn new software and used the technology to develop a coherent. He evinced his love for technology and out of his interest took the opportunity, he developed and formulated the course and taught his juniors just two weeks before their final design jury that reflected outstanding results.

Even though Kuvals proclivity for technology is exceptional, his enduring interest in architecture has always dominated. He has used technology as an advantage for architecture. His innovative and creative approach to problem-solving has created a method and practice that is unique, capable of dealing with an ever more complex design problems. His thesis at an urban level addresses all aspects from environmental, social, and political along with education recreation and health all translated to generate achievement. His design has a sense of a powerful social element, as well as his concentrations on the main concerns of the city that uses abandon junk space that facilitate economic stability. The design implies a possibility of solving major issues concerns of lack of resources and creating a sustainable environment.

Kuwalsanam great team playing skills was evident. He has always played a pivotal role in group works. He is categorically an attentive, studious and articulate person, having a positive attitude towards study has kept him encouraged. His curiosity to learn new things has always left him unsatisfied with superficial answers, and this has given him the burning desire to learn more. His keenness for being experimental led him to participate in various workshops one of it was Studio-X_GSAPP collaborative workshop in Mumbai in 2014 which talked about developing a space + image Pavilion, a little structure that would investigate the connection between the virtual, the visual, and the physical. Another was in Delhi by Architecture Association exhibition 2013 which explored two avenues: Topology Optimization and Agent Systems. He was monumental at an art festival; that was at the Kalaghoda art festival in Mumbai for 2014 where he designed two live scale model of urban street furniture. It was fascinating, and he received a great accolade from his peers.

Kuwalsanam is quite focused on his plan for the future. He intends to establish innovative mechanism in his field of study to benefit the human race. His passion to render services to humanity thus finds its course. He is surely a focused individual whose dreams in life are in light with the urge to transform the world and make it a better place for all. I strongly recommend him, and I hope u will be able to offer him a place at your institution. It would give him an opportunity to widen his scope of learning and also provide his exceptional knowledge that would be fundamental to your learning institution.

Yours Sincerely,



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