Reasons for Transferring to George Washington University

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While attending Kyoto International University, due to the small class size I was able to grow both my personality and academic integrity. Despite preferring the class size where individual students can get an attention, I knew that the best option for me is to continue my education in an environment where not only can I access more resources, but also where I can engage in multiple activities in a larger and culturally diverse community.

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From the location of the campus to the academic options offered, I believe attending George Washington University will further enhance who I am as an international student with a firm understanding of the importance of taking education to the next level. The fact that this large community plays a significant role in learning is what excites me the most. As a student hoping to specialize in the field of marketing, constant research and presentation of new solutions are fundamentals of this field. I think George Washington University supports this by encouraging students to not only learn within their facility but by engaging them in the larger community.

In the past, I was a very reserved student and in most of the cases, I chose not to take any leadership position in projects or team presentations. However, over the course of my late high school life and the last two years at Kyoto International University, my unwillingness changed drastically. By gradually working with my classmates on business projects, such as advertisement campaigns and marketing strategy recommendations, I started to find enjoyment in giving strategic solutions to others that result in the highest value.

Having participated in numerous volunteer and paid activities, such as working as a teacher at an elementary, a middle school in Ghana, and as a sanitation worker at Costco, have also motivated me to learn more about the importance of teamwork. I am very sure that I will be able to contribute and make leadership decisions in projects and researches that will be offered here at the George Washington University.

As stated on the institutions School of Business page, the world of business is constantly evolving. I believe this concept aligns very well with the kind of person I have become in the last few years. I am always searching for new ideas, and that is why I believe by joining George Washington University, taking classes and getting used to the schools community, I would want to participate in the schools study abroad program. Using the experience, I will acquire at George Washington University, I want to expand my knowledge of language and culture even more.

Based on the communication, intellectual, and leadership skills I have acquired from all the general education and business classes I have taken here at Kyoto International University, I believe I am ready for an upcoming challenge at the institution of higher learning located in the heart of Washington D.C. I want to show the faculties and the students at George Washington University that my solutions will make a significant contribution to the community.

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