Undergraduate Education at Victoria College

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It is every students dream to emerge victorious at the end of their undergraduate course. An impressive grade, a couple of achievements and recognitions will be an icing on the cake on top of the undergraduate certificate awarded after completion of college. Attaining such targets will however not be a walk in the park, and it will call for extra effort and determination to pull it off. One needs to put on an effective strategy so as to be able to accomplish all that he/she intends to accomplish by the end of their college stay. It will also call for strict discipline to stick to what you had laid down to achieve. Periodical reviews of the strategies adopted and measurement of progress should be done so that effective corrective action could be undertaken to bring ones focus right back on track. This paper is about how I intend to attain the most out of my undergraduate education at Victoria College.

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Everyone has their own ways of understanding stuff. As for me, a concept would be understood better when I am taught, and later I do some private studies on my own about the concept. That basically implies that I will have to attend all lectures and be all attentive to capture all that oozes from my lecturers vast knowledge base. It will not only be about attendance and concentration, but it will also be about participation; engaging the lecturers to expound more on the areas where my understanding seems a bit grey.

Participating in discussion groups is some other way to have me achieve the best in my endeavors to be the best in my undergraduate education. We all perceive matters differently. A colleagues understanding of a particular subject might help me understand it deeper or even challenge me to study more on the subject matter. My prowess in a particular field might be of great help to a fellow someone else too.

They say all work without play makes Jack a dull boy. I want to be sharp both in class and extracurricular activities as well. I want to participate in games, to represent my college in competitions and win the trophies. I want to be part of a formidable team. As much as games make you physically fit, they also make you sharper and more alert.

I also intend to participate in community service initiatives organized by the college aimed at enriching the lives of others. I will be part of charity events, visiting the less unfortunate, participating in community cleaning projects and striving to develop projects that will economically enrich societies.

I intend to make my college a better place for both the students and teaching fraternity at large. To accomplish this, I want to be part of the students leadership team to formulate policies aimed at making the college a conducive place for learning. I will vouch for the rights and freedoms of the students to be respected and upheld and for the teaching and non-teaching staff to be provided with a stimulating working environment.

That is my simple plan on how to reap the most from my undergraduate education at Victoria College.

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