Essay on Self-Regulation on Personal Behavior

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The control and regulation of some personal aspects is a challenge especially for teenagers due to peer pressure and influence by the immediate environment. The issues that require the ability to monitor may be emotional, for instance, anger and acquired habit such as drug addiction. The habitually acquired characteristics may gradually turn into nature and therefore, necessary control measures have to be put into the account to curb the habit or the emotions. Beating addiction is one of the patterns that require keen monitoring and oversight before the problem worsens. Currently, I am coming up with the strategies to beat alcohol addiction that has been a habit.

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The alcohol addiction has been by gradual process incorporated into my daily routine, for I have to take alcohol on a daily basis. The monitoring and control of the alcoholism have been my concern of late. I have tried several remedies, for instance, avoiding bad company and enlisting myself with a busy schedule but all in vain. Attending church forums and counseling services to some extent turn favorable only to find myself misled or overwhelmed by alcohol thirst. My parents have threatened me by promising to take me to rehabilitation centers only to find myself getting a stronger victim of the situation. My personal decision is to take measures that can control alcoholism, self-regulation and addiction.

For me to lead a healthier life, firstly I have enrolled myself to the church choir that meets daily in the evenings to commit most of my time in the church. Secondly, I have decided to avoid and abandon my former friends to ensure self-regulation without influence. I maneuvered to participate in social affairs, for instance, the drug is not style movement by the youths to further fight the alcoholism and its aftermaths. Realizing my future has been a personal challenge to quit alcohol and a better healthier life.

To realize my goals towards alcoholism, acceptance, self-awareness and acknowledgment is my first step. Either awareness from families, close friends or workmates through conversation will be a positive take towards my goal against alcoholism. The second stage will be the consideration stage; I will shift from awareness to certain course of action. I will take my first step in recovery in learning forums and this will help in knowing more about addiction and its impacts on my health and socio-economically.

The other step that I will take will be exploring recovery. I will go past denial and motivate myself to overcome addiction. I will take extra miles of exploring concepts of abstinence and moderation. I will educate myself through friends and relatives the importance of leading a sober life. The sober life will help in making a critical decision so as to improve self-regulation and personal behavior.

During my early recovery stage, I will learn to remain drug-free for longer periods of time. I will abandon activities, people and practices that may influence the alcoholism habit. I will develop new skills to cope and healthy habits that help in rebuilding damaged relationships.

My final stage will be the active recovery phase and the maintenance part of it. Most important, I will work hard for the rest of my life to guard against relapse ton alcoholism. I will acquire active monitoring of my behavior and thoughts and maintain a support system. The system will help to avoid temptations. Self-regulation will play a vital role in my complete recovery and transformation period. It will help me develop a support system that a key factor to avoid temptations. Self-regulation will lead to the full transformation of my body and soul.

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