The Organizations Responsibility in Ensuring Ethical Practices

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Employees may also act unethically in business due to lack of awareness of ethical code of conduct in the workplace. The code of conduct may be established but due to a missing link especially in education or enforcement, employees may be unaware of the ethics that govern their business operations and guide decision making. As a result, employees may act outside of the code of conduct with no knowledge of their transgression.

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Making an ethical decision is never a simple procedure. Several variables are always involved. Most situations are unique and need a decision specific to the problem. When faced with an ethical dilemma, an employee needs to take into consideration a line of reasoning. The law is one of the most common gauges of morality. What is accepted or not accepted by the law can decide what the best outcome to the situation is. In addition, in making a decision, the employee should be able to justify or defend the decision reasonable to all parties involved. It is important to weigh the impact on all parties and the reason for the decision.

The Organizations Role/Responsibility in Ensuring Ethical Practices

The organization needs to develop a workplace policy that is based on the philosophy of the mission statement and code of conduct. By developing a strategy that includes a code of conduct, the organization places its employees in a better position to make ethical decisions. Secondly, the organizations should then train its employees on workplace ethics and code of conduct (Calvano & Wang, 2015). Using various methods of instruction, the organization can guide its employees to know how to resolve various ethical dilemmas. Methods such as experiential learning and role play can be instrumental in serving the lessons. Companies should also have an oversight person to handle informal issues relating to ethics in the workplace. A confidential hotline would also serve a similar purpose as the oversight person. Lastly, companies should apply their workplace policy consistently. Consistency will safeguard the principles from being obscured by time or a culture of unethical decision-making.

Jacob is faced with an ethical dilemma at work. Jacob has been rewarded for a successful presentation that Krystal did most of the work on. However, Jacob has a sick child who would benefit from the bonus money. Jacob is now in an ethical dilemma. The best thing for him to do would be to share the money with Krystal in appreciation for her covering for him. Such dilemmas frequently occur in the workplace, and it is up to employers and employees alike to make the best decisions. Organizations need to establish policies that guide decision-making based on their mission statement and principles. They further need to train employees on how to make ethical decisions. Lastly, organizations need to consistently execute their policies to develop a culture of ethical decision-making.


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