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Chapter 1 Human Communication and Chapter 2 Understanding Self explore on an array of communication concepts that are crucial in the understanding of various characters. These concepts are critical in understanding the character of Amy Cole who is cast the in the Movie Camp X-Ray. Visualization is the first communication concept that helps us understand the character of Amy Cole. Entry into the U.S. Army was not an easy task for Amy Cole due to the challenges involved. Nonetheless, Amy Cole visualizes her success in the military and decides to leap forward and tackle tasks aligned with the military, which were assigned to her. Self-monitoring is the second communication concept that helps us understand Coles character. Cole uses self-monitoring to analyze varying situations that befall her while guarding the detainees. One of the major situations in when Ali splashes filth on her. Faced by the situation, Cole engages in self-monitoring, which allows her to modify her feelings and not to become indifferent to Ali, despite the fact that he wronged her. Self-esteem is the other communication concept that allows us to understand Coles character. With the exception of Ali, other detainees despise Cole because of her gender. Nonetheless, this does not injure Coles self-esteem as she stays put and executes the tasks assigned to her. In addition, Coles manager; Ransdell is extremely sexist and often reprimands Cole on different grounds, however this does not deter Coles self-esteem as she continues with her work. Positive self-talk for confidence is the other communication concept that fosters the understanding of Coles character. The first task assigned to Cole was in a place far apart from her home. Despite this, Cole convinces herself that she can manage to work away from home. Another incident that portrays Coles confidence or positive self-talk is in during her first day at work when she volunteers to help restrain a violent prisoner. The situation was not as easy as it appears but Cole managed to convince herself that she could. In the end, Cole managed to help restrain the prisoner despite getting herself punched don the face. Overall, the above-connoted communication concepts are critical in understanding Coles character.

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Concepts in Communicating with Others

Chapter 3 of Engleber et al. (2015) offers a glimpse on an array of concepts in communicating with others, which are applicable in understanding the character of Cole. The first concept is culture, which has often precipitated prejudice amongst people drawn from different cultures. With regards to this, Cole seems to appreciate the cultural differences that human exhibits. This is evident by the fact that she relates well with Ali despite the fact that they do not have a common culture. Respect for other peoples perspectives as a communication concept also portrays Coles character as a person who comprehends with the fact that people have varying perspectives on different concerns. Cole respects Ransdells perspective that guards should not be in close contact with detainees.


There are various listening concepts discussed by Engleberg et al. (2015), which are relevant to the understanding of Coles character. The first concept is listening to remember, which is evident in the case where Cole managed to listen to Alis concerns that the library does not have the finally copy of Harry Potters book, which he has been reading, Cole manages to store this information and when she is being transferred, she leaves gives the book to Ali as a gift and embeds a note in the book. Listening to understand is the second listening concept, which allows us to comprehend Coles character. Despite the fact that Cole are not in constant contact with Ali, she managers to realize the interest that Ali has on her. Listening to respond also fosters the understanding of Coles character as evident in the case where she listens to Ransdells advice on her contact with the detainees. Listening to evaluate is also evident in the fact that Coles listens to Ransdells notions, which she utilizes to evaluate his perception on various aspects regarding the detainees.

Non-Verbal Communication

There are various non-verbal communication concepts that can enhance the understanding of Coles character. Posture is the first concept, which denotes to specific body positions, which offer certain communication cues. For this purpose, Coles character is evident by the posture she takes across various scenes in the movie (Engleberg et al., 2015). While interacting with Ali, Cole assumes relaxed posture, which communicates the understanding that exists between her and Ali. Clothing is the second non-verbal communication concept that can be used to understand Coles character. Clothing as a non-verbal communication concept refers to the types of clothes that an individual wears, which portray certain messages. This concept is not useful in interpreting Coles character since she wear formal clothing in most scenes in the movie. Eye contact and gesture as the other two non-verbal communication concepts that can help us understand Coles character. Eye contact refers to the way in which people look each other in the eyes when communication. On the other hand gestures refers to symbolic cues that people use for communication.

Emotional Intelligence

While much has been hypothesized regarding Emotional Intelligence, it is important to note that it mainly refers to an individuals capability to understand their own emotions and those of others. Emotional Intelligence allows people to streamline their emotions and those of others in order to enhance mutual understanding of each other. Emotional Intelligence has close to six components, which include self-awareness, self-regulation, internal motivation, Empathy, social skills, and self-confidence (Goleman, 1995).

Based on a personal through, Cole is emotionally intelligent. This is evident in various instance in the movie. The first instance is when she is constantly reprimanded by Ransdell for her associations with the detainees. Despite being reprimanded, Cole manages her emotions and does not quarrel with Ransdell. Another incident is when Ali splashes filth in her. She does not exhibit rage, but instead manages to calm herself and execute her duties.


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