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Hegemony which is a state of having a single super power or domination can be good as well as bad. Superpowers are meant to help in solving international problems, and without their cooperation, no solution can be obtained. They are never ignored when they have already made a decision. All other states do as they command. For this reason, having a single superpower will mean slowing the process of solving problems because it takes many people to come up with different ideas that can help in reaching a solution.

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Single superpower will affect not only a single state but also other states which will be having problems but are kept waiting for another state to be helped first. A single superpower gives the states a right to intervene in any world. It is however not the case with several superpowers where one state has to take into account the position of the other superpower. A single superpower will take that advantage to dominate such that they pretend to be intervening to help the affected states when they are only doing that for the sake of their progress. Such problem of dominance can only be dealt with by having several superpowers instead of a single superpower.

As much as having one single and strong state as a superpower may be disadvantageous, its positive side cannot be overlooked. Among the advantages of having a single super power is the promotion of the spread of global democracy and stability. Democracy is the most desired system of government and having a single democratic superpower will mean that other states will learn to be democratic as well. Stable states will be created regarding peace and harmony since abuse of human rights cannot be entertained anywhere in the states. The superpower has the right to intervene in any of the states that do not uphold peace.

The world is much safer when having a single strong superpower. History tells that for the past over forty years when USA and USSR were the only superpowers; their activities led to another big war. The Second World War caused a lot of killings and so much destruction. For this reason, a single superpower state is preferred as it makes the globe safe for human settlements and their lives too because there are no quarrels or fights of any form. Power wrangles are what most of the times brings problems but with a single superpower which will have all the rights and whatever they will say will be followed without questioning, such fighting for power will be over forever.

To wind up, it is clear that having a single superpower will turn the world into a healthier place for everyone living in it because of the reasons are given above. The issue of democracy is critical in every country, and it is a desired system of government because of its inclusiveness nature. Democratic single superpower gives citizens of different states rights to exercise their rights and freedoms without being abused. Moreover, single superpower states promote peace as well as fairness to all the subject states. The single superpower cooperates with the state government which will help in coming up with solutions to any challenges or problems faced in the state. The inclusive will lead to coming up with perfect solutions to problems because the people who are familiar with the citizens as well as knowing them very well are involved in the discussions too.

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