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The interaction of government, business, and civil society agencies in the analysis and solving of societal problems exists in Dubai in various forms. The government employs mechanisms and systems that make sure that the business and civil societies serve the interests of the society while the business sector employs a relationship called "business in the society" as opposed to "business and society." The new relationship between business and civil society was conceptualized through what is called corporate social responsibility, making sure that the business exercises responsibility to the society while undertaking its operations. The government exists to make sure that the business operates within the set laws and regulations. The interaction between the government and the civil society is seen through how the latter made the government to conduct elections, a move that was meant to give women and minority groups say in the political systemCITATION Eli14 \p ", pg 22" \l 1033 (Chrysostome and Molz , pg 22).

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In Dubai, the corporate world puts more emphasis on business-government interactions, which are meant to influence the public policies that the government makes to regulate them. The Dubai political environment has been changing recently to accommodate views from the business and civil society sectors. Dubai is the city of Abu Dhabi and its ruler, Sheikh Maktoum, has been working hard in making Dubai the number one business and tourism hub in the Middle East. The government has put up systems that are meant to make the government, business and civil society systems responsive to the needs of the country's population while at the same time making sure those development goals are achievedCITATION Mar11 \p ", pg 33" \l 1033 (Boily, Martin and Rist , pg 33).

In conclusion, the interaction of government, business and civil society in Dubai works in such a way that the government regulates what the business sector does, ensuring that it does not oppress the population. The civil society employs systems and checks to ensure that both the government and the business sector do not misuse their power over the people. This interaction between the three sectors ensures that they all work in the best interests of the massesCITATION Eli14 \p ", pg 11" \l 1033 (Chrysostome and Molz , pg 11).

The interaction of government, business and civil society in Dubai can be improved by making sure that the government's powers are curtailed, that the business is not given a free way to operate and the civil society being given more powers and freedoms to check the excesses of the government and the business sectors. At the moment, the civil society has less power that makes it ineffective to check how the government carries out its duties.

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