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The United States of America held her presidential election in 2016 to elect a new president. The event was widely publicized both inside and outside the US because of the political and economic status across the globe. Also, the wide publication was due to the type of candidates involved, the Democratic Party nominated a woman, Hillary Clinton, who was likely to be the 1st American Woman President (Lilleker, Jackson, Thorsen, & Veneti, 107). The Republican Party, on the other hand, had a controversial presidential candidate, Donald Trump, who had never served in either government or military. Trump radical policies and ideas spark controversies around the world, quickly making him gain friends and enemies in equal measures.

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Donald J. Trump

After announcing his candidature, political pundits and journalists ruled out the possibility of him clinching the coveted seat. He campaigned against party establishments thus presenting him as an outsider who will rectify the mistakes that establishment politician committed for many years. Before joining politics, most Americans and people around the world knew Trump as a Businessman, reality TV host and also, as a real estate mogul. Political analysts described him as the gauche, crude voice of the people (Lilleker, et al., 107). Moreover, those who saw themselves as outsiders in politics, American culture, and society identified with him. The campaign team he created campaigned under the Slogan of making America great again.

Hillary Clinton

She was former first lady and secretary of state. It was the first time a former lady was running for the presidency. Unlike Donald Trump, Hillary had experience in politics having worked in Government for a long time. Additionally, her role as the first lady meant that she was close to power and becoming or working as a president was not going to be a hectic task as compared to Donald Trump. Her candidature sparked international reactions if elected; it was going to be the first time a woman is heading a superpower. However, political analysts cast her as a candidate mired with scandals and significant lacking in popularity (Lilleker, et al., 107).

Overseas Perspectives

The US elections drew a lot of interest all over the world, particularly in Africa. Also, among her allies, for instance, Germany and the United Kingdom, and also her rivals which include China and Russia. The interest stems from the fact that the US administrative policies have a potential to affect relations between many countries in the world ( Lilleker, et al., 107).

Most Arabic countries seemed to express concerns over both candidates; however, there were a lot of suspicions of what a Trump presidency would appear. The idea that Trump was going to ban all Muslims from entering the US was troubling in the whole Arab world. In effect, the policy made Hillary appear as a responsible candidate. However, there were flaws in her candidature as far as the Arab world in concerned; her close ties with Obama administration was a stain. Arabs described her responsible for the emergence of ISIL and escalation of the war in Syria (Lilleker, et al., 107)

On the other hand, Chinese main media outlets were critical on Trumps presidency. The Chinese government painted him as a currency manipulator and one person who would launch a trade war against China. However, Russia was supportive of Trump candidature embracing his ideas to pull the US out of NATO, removing sanctions against Russia and his willingness to work with Vladimir Putin. On the other hand, Hillary was seen and portrayed by Russian media as the exact opposite of Trump and as a person who would continue Obamas hardline stance on Russia. Most African countries endorsed Clinton candidacy because Trump portrayed African head of states and opposition as corrupt (Lilleker, et al., 107)


The projection of Hillary becoming president had become increasing plausible. Pollsters and political pundits ruled out the possibility of Trump becoming president putting it at less than ten percent. Hillary had several advantages over Trump to win the election. Both the president and first lady endorsed her candidacy, and her campaign was well funded. Additionally, she outperformed Trump in all debates. Nevertheless, Trump won the election stunning not only Americans but the whole world as well. Many have failed and wondered what made Trump win the election despite his racist, sexist and fascist rhetoric. However, some attribute his victory as a result of American dissatisfaction with politicians portrayed as partys establishments. Additionally, his populist ideas seemed to resonate well with white Americans who for a long time saw immigrants as competitors for employment (Lilleker, et al., 107)

In Conclusion, US presidential election of 2016 was an event that shook the world in many ways. Donald Trump, an outsider with no experience in politics or military, won the election beating his arch rival who at one time was the first lady of the country. Most countries of the world seemed to side with a particular candidate, depending on the policies and interest of each candidate.

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