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I came to the realization the day I discovered the power of perseverance. As I know, living with disability every day of my life since birth prepared me to face obstacles and doubts that I hardly understand. Some of the questions I ask myself include, how many times have I faced discrimination? It started at birth as I did not know it would happen. Growing up, I thought I would become a teacher or a school psychologist. During my undergraduate years, I was invited to a Presidential Inauguration Seminar in Washington D.C. It changed my life; I could develop my leadership role and become the next leader. From that day, I decided to get involved with the political world which would prepare me to become a leader for my minor community. I also realized that I was a representative of disability communities across the country.

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In the last year of Mayoral Campaign of Philadelphia, P.A, I was a fellow organizer and the only Deaf participant in the whole campaign. As a leader, I was managing over 100 volunteers within a year without using American Sign Language interpreters. I used my communication skills through the era of technologies that would not prevent me from working with volunteers and other campaign staffs. I wanted to prove to them that we could communicate with them directly that we developed an excellent relationship. In the Primary campaign, my team and I won against four mayoral candidates in the competitive race at the end of May 2015. Many volunteers enjoyed working with me. My former bosses recognized my leadership ability too. At the end of the 2015 campaign held in December,, my performance was recognized through the blog on the campaign website. I was proud of my most accomplishment.

From this experience, I discovered the power of perseverance. The discovery of perseverance kept me going to achieve my goals. I overcame the main barrier that I worked in the mayoral campaign because I felt that many campaign teams would not hire me because of my disability. They could ask me how I could communicate. However, I already proved to them that the era of technologies would be an effective solution. They did not want to believe me. Despite their doubts, I managed to get the fellowship position in the Mayoral Campaign of Philadelphia 2015. It was my first time to participate as a campaigner. I proved to myself that living with deafness or disability could not hinder me from becoming a campaign worker.

Thus, in my role as a leader, I finally grasped the concept of real features of a campaign field. From my campaign job, I learned that living with disability was not hard and became a strong leader. Besides, it prepared me to become a qualified employee in many ways because of my leadership ability and perseverance. I hope the next disability youth generation would follow my example and become campaign workers for their own disability communities. I am an excellent role model for them that I proved that they can do anything to overcome barriers.

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