How Do I Help to Make the World a Better Place

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As it has always been pointed the dogmas of the quite past are inadequate to the stormy present (Gray, 2013), history judges human beings based on the choices they make today and how these choices affect others and the future generation. I have always wanted to do something that will help others lead better lives and believe in their ability to succeed in life. To me, there is no better place I can do this than in the field of sports and volunteering. It is only in these areas that I am able to do what I feel am so passionate about in life. This has become engrained in my life and feels incomplete if I do not play an active role in either of the two hobbies. It has made me develop an altruistic tendency to always do good and let others feel motivated by the good things I do in life. This makes me feel that my future is directed towards a good cause in life.

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Based on the manner in which I have been brought up and learned in school, I can define myself as a multicultural individual who believes in the empowerment of all genders and race in our country. It is this spirit that has given me the belief that everyone deserves a fair chance in life and all they need is an opportunity to showcase these abilities. The diversity that defines me in terms of culture has seen me take sports as a way of linking together with individuals from different cultures and race. Sports and other extracurricular activities bring us together and help me to use our differences to empower each other. As a youth, it has given me the chance to work with others for a better cause in life where we use our God given opportunities to assist each other. This has made me develop this habit of putting the interest of others above mine. This is a good way to promote selflessness in life where each is able to sacrifice for the good of others. My diverse nature means a lot to me because of the manner in which it has helped me to develop as a person and able to exist in a world where people from different races, cultures and social status exist. In addition to that, the diversity serves as an identity for me because of the manner in which it makes me feel that I am contributing to making the world a better place by promoting unity in diversity.

Being brought up in a society where I have seen people lack even the basic of needs has made me develop a passion to help others in whatever I have. This passion has seen me develop a tendency to use my God given abilities and opportunities to ensure that I put a smile in the face of the less fortunate in life. It has made me develop a selfless attitude when dealing with others. I practice this passion through volunteering in children homes where I help them in any capacity assigned to me. In addition to being inclined towards helping others, I am so passionate about sports where I play football. It has made me what I am today because of the manner in which I have learnt to develop the spirit of team work and coordination. Being a game of eleven against eleven, we all need each other to win (Giulianotti, 2012). One cannot win alone and thus cooperation is required. You need to pass the ball to others for the play to be enjoyable. In addition, one has to sacrifice a lot and this has been an invaluable lesson learnt in the game. This has made my passion for sports mean a lot to me as I am able to apply the lessons learnt there to help others become better. My passion in sports has been important to me because of the manner in which it has helped me put smiles in the face of those who did not believe in themselves in life. For instance, by playing with others in the Children Homes, I am able to use my talents to help them in any way I can and thus make them believe that they too can achieve great things in life. Based on the manner in which I am inclined to helping others succeed in life, I plan to undertake studies on sports education and social work. I believe that these topics augur well with my desire to contribute positively to the society.

My identities define the person that I am and the person that I aspire to be in life. Being brought up in a society where there is much diversity in terms of race, social-economic status and culture has impacted my passions. I have learned to live with people from different backgrounds. I have learned that sports helps to foster the unity between people from different backgrounds and thus make the best of it to ensure that I contribute positively towards the harmony in the society. I can thus confidently point at the manner in which my multi-variance nature in culture, race and socio-economic status has helped to foster my passion and penchant for sports and culture of helping others believe in themselves in life. In my research, I have learned that I can use the social categories in school and the community such as the boys, girls, men and women who are so passionate about helping others to develop my passions. I can engage them in a series of activities where we can use sports to bring us together to raise funds that can help others. This will help in transforming our social categories into social groups all directed towards a common cause of making the world a better place. Sports will thus foster team work within the social categories and turn them into groups when we have a common goal together. The topic of no pass, no play is crucial not only to me but to the other participants because of the opportunity it gives them to be part of a history making team that will ensure that the world is a better place.

The belief that human beings have an obligation towards making the world a better place influences the passion to good and helps others lead better lives (Maxwell, 2013). It serves as one of the key drivers that push me to pursue relentlessly towards the passions of playing sports and helping others. This gives me the confidence that I have a role to ensure that I made the world a better place for others and thus positive that history shall judge me fairly. Social altruism pushes me towards helping others in any way that I can and thus believe that if one person embarks on a good cause, others will follow suit and this will only contribute towards making the world a better place for everyone. I thus feel that my passion for sports and helping others will inspire others in the society to help put back smiles to the million people who are in dire need of help. Sports can thus be combined with the desire to help each other as a way of fostering equality within the different races, cultures and social classes in the society. The topic of no pass, no play matters a lot to the field of education because of the manner in which it helps to foster team work and coordination. It will help students to know that they cannot do it alone. They have the role to pass their passions, joys and sorrows to others if the play is to continue. This will ensure that they lead better lives. In doing this, history shall judge me and my team members fairly for helping to make the world a better place for the future generations.


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