Professional Goals and Ideas

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The first goal as an instructor for pre-school concerns the enhancement of my knowledge, disposition and skills. Merely because these are the crucial factors that decide how much children learn from the instructor. The knowledge would consist of ideas, concepts, vocabulary and relevant characteristics of educational culture among the pre-school children.

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One of my goals as a preschool teacher is to create a supportive and welcoming studying environment. Also, I will aim to utilize numerous measures that document and assess the childrens growth, gauge the instructional efficiency and adjust instructions to create a diverse learning environment. Another goal would be to exhibit professional responsibility and involve concerned stakeholders to ensure a maximum influence on the childrens growth and development. It would also be my goal to create a sharing and caring partnership with all the childrens parents.

I would consider supporting emotional and social development through positive interactions and guidance as a crucial goal for my profession. Additionally, it will be my goal to interact with infants rather than to react to their needs and making available activities that are age fitting that promote the utilization of five senses and foster positive curiosity.

Identifying a mentor

My mentor in this profession has to be my former college instructor, Mr. Godfrey Bush. He is such an exceptional man, and it is no surprise that I have chosen him. Mr. Bush demonstrates distinct personal traits that are very crucial in being a successful instructor. As a mentor; he possesses remarkable willingness to share skills, knowledge and expertise. Moreover, Mr. Bush exhibits a positive attitude and assumes a personal interest in the mentoring affiliation and association. Another outstanding quality of Mr. Bush as a mentor is that he demonstrates enthusiasm in the field of instructing pre-school children. Remarkably; he has admirable communication skills and can shift and adjust his communication skills to fit my personality. Finally, he values initiatives and opinions of the rest of his colleagues and, therefore, commands a lot of respect from employees and colleagues from all the ranks of the pre-school education system.

Steps taken to achieve the goals

To enhance my knowledge and disposition skills, I will endeavor to learn through imitation, modeling, discovery and direct instructions. Consequently, to perfect them I will dedicate my energy to repetition, practice, drill and continual use of those skills. In turn, to create a sociable and welcoming environment, I would put more effort in structuring significant studying environment. I would adopt a partnership approach where, instead of knowing everything, I would encourage the children to find their answers.

On a regular basis, I would support their learning by availing of the children materials, enough time to interact with the learning material so as to facilitate their learning. On top of that, I will take care to listen to the children incorporating careful interpretation of actions and words to them. To achieve my goals from time to time, I will update lesson preparing and planning materials.

One of the goals was to create an exciting environment that develops and easily enhances the five senses of the children. Evidently, this will be possible by establishing a positive environment in the classroom with suitably sized chairs and tables, alphabets, colorful libraries a silent relaxing place and hands- on activities. So as to ensure the environment is also secure, sharp and heavy objects will be put away from the easy reach of children when not in use to avoid accidents.

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