Correlation Between Delinquent Behaviors and Metal Rock Music

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The research method used in this instance in the correlation method. It has been seen in this study that the authors are looking for a correlation between the delinquent behaviors of an individual and their affinity to listen to metal rock music. In this study, the authors have considered different effects that music could have on the individual, while they listen to rock music and try to find out their effect on the delinquent adolescent. The correlation method has been used because the author clearly investigates the hypothesis that metal rock music contributes to the affinity to delinquency for adolescent offenders. Nonetheless, a review of evidence from different authors shows that the opposite relationship exists. Arnett (1991), for example, points to evidence that the adolescents who listen to metal music may already be isolated individuals, and their turning to metal music is only an after-effect. On the other hand, further evidence shows that the effect for individuals is different according to their levels of understanding.

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In surveying on the question of the effect of metal music on delinquency, the open ended questions would be given to determine factors such as the extent of parental control on the adolescent. Questions to do with communication with parents, parental involvement such as picking up in school among other pointers would be given as close-ended. Time spent with parents would be given as a close-ended question. Other questions that would be in the survey include preference to music, including the bands that one listens to, some of the lyrics to their best songs and such questions. As the statement of hypothesis purports, there are several music videos that have lyrics that can be considered delinquent or promoting delinquent behavior.

The instrument of validity that has been used in this case was the quantitative studies taken in the instance of making sure that the information provided is proven. Different studies were used against the hypothesis that was made. When sampling the various studies, the authors found that different outcomes that could have been reached at. In the end, the studies confirm that metal music, without proper supervision from the parents, can lead to delinquent behavior.

Parental control and supervision has been found to have some effect on the effect of consumption of such music. Parental involvement in the social life of the adolescent has been seen to reduce the effect of delinquency that is brought about by subscribing to rock music. As such, the higher amount of parental involvement has shown that the adolescent is less likely to believe the messages in such music as gospel truth. On the other hand, minimal parental supervision and control may lead to the opposite effect because of the feelings of alienation that the adolescent already has.

The use of a questionnaire to find the relationship between the effect of metal music and delinquency has been proper because of the ability to find the most information on the subject. Having a qualitative approach to this study will have first-hand data on the issue at hand and find the relationship after analysis from music consumers themselves.

For this particular study, the overall methods of study into the effects of metal on adolescent behavior have been properly done. Considering the methods used, including those of gathering information, the study gives an example of an effective method of conducting a qualitative study.

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