Freedom of Artistic Expression Versus Censorship

2021-05-12 14:09:14
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There are many reasons that can lead to a book to be censored, and no person can be able to get accessed to it. His include if the book is conflicting with political, economic or security issues of a country the authors of the books might have used information that has been preserved for government security measures. By exposing those informations to the public then it may led to the increased of insecurity cases. One of the books that was censored is The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn among others.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is one of the renowned novels that was published in 1884 and it was written by Mark Twain. The book is about a fictional story that traced back on an old town in Missouri. The author of the book, Mark Twin argues that it was essential for him to explain the conditions that surrounded the people during the time. However, many people have criticized the book due to several reasons. The story is about Huck who came into a considerable huge amount of money while he was still young. He did not know how to spend the money since he had never seen that amount of money is his lie. He was later placed under the guardian ship of Widow Douglas who together with her sister tried to civilized him by teaching him religion. They believe that by growing up into a religious person, he would be able to give that money to the poor who need it more that he does at the moment.

Finding civilized life raised his spirit and he wanted to try something new in his life. With the help of his friend , he escaped that place and later was introduced to a certain gang that was very prominent in those days. Just as the gang activities continue, Huck got bored on how they operated and went back to stay with his father who was considered as an alcoholic. Huck refused to give him his money knowing very well that he will use all that money for drinking. He was successful in preventing his father from acquiring his wealth and later escaped to with his friend to another town where people do not know him.

The reason that this book was censored was because it contains information, ideas and language that conflict with people own values, beliefs and cultures. There are several reasons that can make a book to be censored or banned from other people to access it. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn still remain the most controversial books in the country as people tend to differ on how the author use the theme of race and the use of racial slurs while referring to African American people. This is one of the areas that the American citizens have tried to fight to eradicate in their system. The issue of racism had been a major concern for the country since the African America people were taken into slavery in those early days. Many people have come forward to fight for their rights and any book or movie that tries to be racism is banned from the public. Many people especially the African Americans have argued that the book was written by a white person and was not supposed to use those words while refereeing to the black community. Although the book is written in the vernacular setting of the historical setting, many people still believe that the language used is offensive and portrays racism to the American citizens.

My opinion about freedom of expression versus censorship is that the government should continue to establish institutions that tend to regulate some of the contents used in various books. This is to ensure that all the authors are observing the set rules and regulations. When leaving people to write anything that they feel like writing, then it may lead to offensive issues such as racism. Different writers tend to write things that feel like expressing to the public. Some of their issues may be conflicting to what the society wants to hear. These instructions should ensure that such information are banned from the public view. Judging from those issues, it is not fair to judge them by our standards.

Our attitude has become more accepting of diversity and expression as time progresses. This is because people have gone to court and argue on the reason why they wrote certain things. Some of the information that they give are important elements as they tend to justify some of the things that re happening in the world. In the current world, people have been left to express what they feel is in their mind even if its conflicting to our values and beliefs. This is because of the freedom of expression, which is outlines in the constitutional. The attitude of many people has also changed regarding accepting the diversity of people. This is reflected to certain members of the society who cannot be able to express their views. It is argued that some of the authors use their knowledge to enlighten the society and cannot be banned from conducting their duties.


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