Instrumental Music in Romantic Period vs. 20th Century

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The two videos are for music played at different periods. They all use instruments to drive the theme of the music. The first one is music about ma Vlast by Smetana, Die Moldau, Chamber Orchestra of Europe and N. Harnoncourt. It was performed during the Romantic period. The second music is Alban Berg-Lulu suite which is considered the music of the 20th century.

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In the first video, flutes begin with a flowing melodic passage and then are joined by the clarinets. The trumpets are then played periodically. This creates a colorful harmony that enhances the rhythm of the music. The song has a brilliant orchestration, and it arouses the enthusiasm of the public when it is playing.

The violins then come in presenting the theme of the tone. The theme is repeated with the melodic tunes of the violins. The characters are just amazing in playing the instruments; they have an individuality of style that gives the music its taste. The trumpets are fused into the music to take it to the next section. They present a dance-like tune that increases the tempo of the song that puts everyone on heels. The fluted passage and muted violins register an expanded range of dynamics. The music then increases in tone and then changes to low melody after some time. Suddenly, all instruments are played rhythmically with a perfect orchestra to create a hymn-like melody. This intensifies the music and makes it sweet to listen. One would feel as if in the dream world. Towards the end, the tempo of the song reduces. The tone of the song is muted; the flutes, trumpets, and violins are played slowly to make it smooth. The song ends nicely but so interesting. One would wish it continues playing. The characters and the nature of instruments used in the song is a clear evidence that the song was performed in the Romantic period

The second video comes with a different orchestral style. The different instruments used give the song a rhythm that attracts the audience. The song starts with trumpets at a high tone then changes to low tone creating a nice melody. The violin is played in harmony with the flutes presenting a modern melody and orchestration. The characters seem to enjoy the song the way they play the instruments.

The song becomes interesting when the use of alto saxophone and vibraphone is played. These two instruments create an orchestral style that changes its musical thinking. The tone goes high and low to create a tone color of the song. The instruments are played rhythmically, and the characters are determined to please the audience. The music director who appears old is also good in creating a new chord structure in the music. The song, Lulu suite is prominent among the audience because of the different instruments used. The use of flutes, trumpets, violin, timpani and more instruments give it the taste it deserves. The characters in this song are evident that the song was performed in the 20th century.

Generally, the two videos are so interesting to watch. The use of different instruments gives the songs a flowing melody that is so interesting. The characters are good and have a passion for the instruments. They enjoy the songs as they play the instruments which also make the audience to enjoy. The songs have used instruments to drive the theme of the song.

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