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The movie dying for drugs helps to show the major drug challenges that are facing the world through an investigation conducted globally. The movie reflects on the extent that drug manufacturing companies are going through so as to profit from selling their drugs and at the same time putting peoples life at risk. It also shows what the drug companies are doing so that their drugs can be approved, for them to get their desired prices in the market. The most affected countries are the third world countries where new drugs are being tested without the jurisdiction of the US and European authorities. The movie has based its investigation in various countries globally. One of its investigations is based in Africa where massive companies are experimenting their new drugs on young children without the parents knowledge. The film also shows how an expert in thalassemia was removed from a program that she ran at Toronto without any reason.

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The movies main perspective is to uncover the inhumane and corrupt ways and activities that drug manufacturers are undertaking globally. The movie is also aimed at informing people globally to be aware of these wrong activities that the drug companies are doing to the sick and dying patients. It also shows how the drug companies are highly interested in making their profits and are not concerned with putting peoples lifes into consideration. The movies major perspective is also aimed at showing how many people are suffering globally without their consent about the medicines that they are using.

One of the possible angles that the movie is focusing is on the government side. From the movie, it is clearly evident that big drug companies are operating within various countries without being restricted by the government. Under all circumstances, the government should always focus on the interest of protecting its citizens. No civil action has been taken to the known organizations and they have continued to operate despite the controversies and wrong acts. The movie also shows how private agencies have the audacity to fire doctors and continually investigate on their professional lives even after being fired and through all this the government has not provided any protection.

From my perspective the movie is neither ethnocentric nor culturally relative. The investigations based on this movie show that the drug problem is a global challenge varying from one country to another. There has been no point in the movie where the drug challenge has been classified as an ethnic or cultural problem. The movie investigations have shown that the most affected countries are the third world countries but have also shown that the first and second world countries like Canada being affected by the same challenge

In conclusion based on this movie, serious actions and measures should be put in place by governments and also the relevant authority bodies to make sure that drug manufacturers meet the required standards and policies that have been set up. The relevant medical authority bodies should also uphold high values to ensure that they are not lured into doing wrong and inhumane acts by the drug manufacturers. There should also be increased awareness in various countries across the globe about the wrong practices involved in the medicine industry.

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