Controversial Problem on College Campuses and Its Solution

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College campuses provide an opportunity for the meeting and interaction of people from all lifestyles. As a result, there is a lot of exchange of information and experiences that help shape peoples lives. Upon admission, a student makes friends who become part of his/her life. It is through those interactions and prior information that I realized the problems that college campuses face. In this regard, I decided to take the nursing program, which will enable me, offer help to college students who faint in college and who require emergency medical attention. However, there are specific reasons that contributed in my decision to undertake this nursing degree program.

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College campuses experience the problem of students fainting in lecture rooms in their course of study. Specifically, most of them faint for different reasons that are medically related. My first experience of this situation arose when one of the students fainted in my presence. However, instead of the other students helping her, they were caught in a state of shock and confusion. Additionally, before she could be taken to the nearest health facility for medical attention, her life was at risk. Notably, there were no nurses around who could figure out the best first aid that they could offer to the student. In that case, her life was in danger. In view of that, I became passionate about the nursing profession. In any case, some of students have lost their lives in campus between the time that they faint and the time that they are taken to the medical facility. That period proves very critical to their survival.

The observation of how the fainting students suffered and how she almost lost her life was a motivation to me. In this regard, my interest and passion for nursing got a huge boost. I only had one utmost reason that I wanted to be able to pursue nursing- to ensure that students in college receive the first aid that is necessary to safeguard their life before they are taken to hospital. This controversial problem exists in variety of colleges. Specifically, college campuses are not fully prepared for emergency medical attention. Therefore, the time taken to attend to many medical emergencies like the case of fainting is detrimental to the life of the victim. In such a case, it is very likely that the victim will lose his/her life. From this experience, I was very sad and depressed- I had to do something about it. This led me to undertake the nursing program so that I can be able to save lives in such emergencies. My long-term goals are to ensure that college campuses are fully prepared and equipped to handle such emergencies.

College campuses need to have medical practitioners in standby incase a medical emergency occurs in college campuses. More importantly, these medical practitioners should be fully equipped with the required medical services that can be able to save the lives of students and lecturers who might faint in college. To ignore this delicate area is very unfortunate. Additionally, the practitioners should be qualified and always ready to handle any case that requires their attention. Indeed, before the victim of fainting is taken to hospital, he/she should be carefully attended to by the nurses that are employed by the colleges. Any laxity by college campuses on this matter should be addressed so that lives are saved. This way, there would be minimal deaths arising out of medical emergencies in college campuses.

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