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Blumstein, A., Wintemute, G., & et al. (2002). Children Youth and Gun Violence: analysis.

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The Future of Children Volume 12 Number 2.The article provides insight on firearm related deaths and injuries among children and adolescents, the involvement of youths in violent crimes using guns, origin of guns, gun industry and gun commerce and the cause of gun violence involving children. It also gives the mitigating effects of gun violence on children and youth, behaviorally oriented approaches to reducing youth gun violence and the public perspective about gun policies.

This is a well-known journal for advocating for the childrens welfare and gives a reliable source of information and facts about the effects of gun violence on children in the US.

This is useful in the provision of information and statistics about victims and fatalities of gun violence that are below the age of 18.

Lott, J. (2010). More guns Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws. University of Chicago Press.

In his book, John Lott states that crime reduces when the law on carrying guns in public is enforced. Lott says that there is an acceptable death rate. The author refutes the argument that when one owns a gun, he/she is more likely to kill someone by accident. He does not agree with the statistics. The book gave a statistic that only 30 people die due to shooting accidents by private gun owners while 330 people die from accidental police shootings. He compared these statistics to those of other countries such as England where only 55 people have died due to police shootings during the past 24 years.

John Lott was Economist thus there is credibility in his work. He is learned and has done research. His book provides insight into the differences in numbers of police shooting to those of separate gun owner shot. It still indicates that there is the shooting of people even by private gun owners, and this still lead to loss of life. 30 is not just but a number; it is a significant number that matters and people whose lives should be protected

MotherJones. (2015, October 7th). People Magazine Just Made an Unprecedented Push for Gun Control Solutions. Retrieved March 21st, 2016, from Mother Jones:

The people magazine is a credible source. It is one of the nations largest publications. Whatever is printed in the magazines is usually vetted by the editing team and is from a credible source. This source has an impact due to its popularity. The issue is serious seeing that the source usually publishes celebrity gossip but decided to publish on the issue of gun control.

In this magazine, the chief editor highlights the importance of gun control. The magazine published the contacts of the members of Congress to encourage the citizens to call and lobby for gun control. It states how the country is not doing enough to curb deaths that are as a result of mass shootings. The publication was paying tribute to the nine Oregon victims and twenty-two others who died as a result of mass shooting.

The magazine makes the reader wonder the role of the politicians on the issue. It highlights that instead of the politicians dealing with the issue they turn it into a political spin. It makes one understand the importance of gun control in a nation or state.

Office of the Press Secretary. (2016, January 4th). FACT SHEET: New Executive Actions to Reduce Gun Violence and Make Our Communities Safer. Retrieved March 21, 2016, from White House:

This website gives statistics for gun violence. It states that over 100,000 people were killed during the gun violence, thousands of others committed suicide by use of weapons, and millions more assaulted by individuals who shouldnt even have the permission to buy guns in the first place. It also states that many more police officers have been shot while protecting the community. The website states how the government plans to reduce gun violence. It will do this by making sure that guns do not fall into the wrong hands, increasing mental treatment and use of technology to ensure gun safety.

The white house website is credible. The website provides a statistical approach to the issues of gun control. From this website, it is clear that gun control should be practiced to deal with the issues of gun violence.

Orient, J. M. (2013). "Gun violence" as a Public Health Issue: a Physician's Response. Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons Volume18 Number 3.This article is written by a medical doctor with a well accomplished academic and professional background. Her opinion of the topic can, therefore, be considered as a physicians professional opinion. In summary, Dr. Orient views fire-arm related fatalities as a criminal justice issues contrary as opposed to the public health issue. She not only discredits the Organized Medicines evidence that supports the declaration of gun related fatalities as public health menace but also links the evidence to a political agenda to disarm civilians. It contains graphs supporting her case.

While Dr. Orient is an accomplished medical doctor, her firm stands against repealing of gun laws and her need to discredit Organized Medicines view creates doubt as to whether she is unbiased. However, this source is evidence-based and gives detailed statistics on gun related fatalities and may be used as a foundation when evaluating the health issues that arise from gun violence.

U.S Const. amend. II, Adopted 1791.

The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution is the most credible source of information regarding guns in the nation. It gives solid legal background for gun ownership by individuals in the U.S.

In exact words, the amendment states a well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed. While the amendment has been the subject of various interpretations and discussions, the article remains as the most important legal reference by individuals that own guns or support gun ownership. In comparison to other sources of information relating to gun violence, the US Constitution is the most credible as it is the law of the land. It can be used to provide a reference on papers regarding the legality of gun ownership in the US.

Winker, A. (2011). Gunfight: The Battle Over the Right to Bear Arms in America.

The author of this book believes that the second amendment is nothing short of a distraction and even if removed one still has the state law to deal with. The books state hoe the gun control journey started by most towns in the Wild West requirements for an individual to turn over their weapons to the sheriff. The gun control issue was racially charged with the Ku Klux Klan being established as a racial gun control organization. The book tells of the case of D.C vs. Heller that led to the second amendment. It narrates the 1770s shorting incident that resulted in the restriction on guns. The books tell tackles the extreme sides to the debate on gun control.

The author of this book provides credible information. Being a constitutional law professor guarantees us of his expertise on the matter. The book can be used to argue for any side on the gun control issue seeing as it covers both sides of the debate.

Yale. (2013). The Yale Law Journal, 123.

In the journal, there is an analysis of the difference in culture in the rural and the urban areas. It argues that the second amendment is presenting challenges as courts try determines what the amendment means by arms and who are the people allowed to keep them and in what way should they be regulated. In rural areas gun violence is rare so is gun control whereas in cities violence is high. The gun culture in the countryside is strong. In the towns the recreational use of guns is scarce.

This journal is a credible source as it is written by experts in the field of law. It helps one understands the importance of gun control laws in the state.

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