Construction Project Management

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The role of project engineers is dependent on the dynamics involved in the construction site; however there are some roles specifically delegated to them. A project engineer is given the task of liaising with the project planning manager in order to create concrete and biddable plan for all the projects structures (Rose, 2012). Therefore, the project engineers go through all the advances plan studies and other projects preliminary reports then later verify them. The project engineer ensures that the false work clearance and traffic, stream flow and approach slab status are checked before the general plan can be generated. In his articulation of this role, a project engineer has to be equipped with knowledge in management, business science and engineering in order to succeed.

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In plan designing a project engineer also designs temporary structures prepares the site layout, equipment selection, procures materials needed in the constructions and ensures cost control in both the plan designing process and the construction. The project engineer is also allocated the role of administration, organization and coordination of all elements involved in the site construction. This includes; the temporary and permanent building materials, labour, equipment, technology, building materials supplies and other utilities. This ensures that the construction is timely. The projects engineers job position also entails a lot of travelling in order for them to articulate their supervisory roles. Project engineers are also allocated the role of overseeing observation of health and safety issues on the construction site and in some cases offer training.

Project managers are the other professionals who play a big role in the project's development. The primary role of project managers is planning and budgeting for the construction project. These professionals understand better the building process. Therefore, they assess the step by step building process by estimating the time was taken and the cost incurred. The project managers are also given the role of recruiting junior level staffs, subordinate managers and manual workers who are to carry out the construction process. He also allocates tasks to all this hired workers. It is the duty of the project managers to avail all required resources to the construction site. For instance, in case bricks and mortars are required by the constructors on a particular day it the work of the project manager to look for them and avail them on the construction site on time.

Project managers have a huge role in setting benchmarks that will be used in monitoring and assessing the building project (Cohen, Iluz & Shtub, 2013). They later use these benchmarks to estimate when the construction project will be finished. On the other hand, the project manager is also responsible for financial monitoring and planning in the construction project. Therefore, he is tasked with conducting frequent forecast assessment on the project and updating the rest of the team on the same. In some cases, the project manager is also given the role of using the management software in job planning and allocation in order to get a smooth workflow in the project. It is also the work of the project manager to assess the health and safety precautions in place at the construction site; he can also carry out random inspection of these cases. In line with staff job allocation, the project manager also has the responsibility of developing strategically work program in order to ensure the labour force is used efficiently.


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