Communication, Teaching and Leadership Skills

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Communication Skills

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In life, people pass through numerous events that may shape them in various ways. Some may benefit and improve from these events depending on their learning abilities and adapting to changes. Personally, I have benefited and enhanced in various skills through some of my experiences and life events. One event that improved my communication skills was during my high school life. I was once chosen amongst a team of five students to represent my literature class in a contest that involved literature classes from various schools.

The contest lasted for about a month and two weeks as the competition was split into different levels. Before the contest, I was quite shy to speak to any audience. I could not confidently articulate my views and opinions appropriately without having to stammer at some point. I recall one occasion that I was randomly picked in the school hall to give a short speech about drug awareness. It was the lowest point in my high school life as I embarrassed myself before many students. Everything I knew about drug awareness evaporated and I had never shivered like that before. I was sweating like an athlete who had just completed a forty-two-kilometer race. After been on the team, I learned so much about effective communication skills. I made crucial observations and discovered a lot in the contest. For instance, I learned that to give an articulate speech, it is important to prepare and do research on the matter or topic that I am supposed to touch on. Self-confidence is another factor. Any audience or person will listen more to a person that is more confident when giving a speech. This event has greatly benefited and helped me to make significant changes in my communication skills. After several years, I am still good in communication and confident when talking to any group of listeners.


Teaching Skills

The second event that improved my skills was when I engaged in a voluntary work after I cleared my first two courses in college where I studied Teaching and Chinese language. I used to teach little Chinese kids aged three to five-year-old how to speak and write in English in a local kindergarten. I had to increase the production of English language to improve their understanding. Also, I had to build their background knowledge to enhance their comprehension. Another strategy for my plan was to involve more writing to enhance their language understanding and help them memorize the teachings. In the teaching profession, it is unethical to abandon conservative students as a tutor is supposed to observe each learner and establish their personal abilities and strengths for effective teaching.

After teaching in the kindergarten for a good period, I became better at dealing with young students. For instance, at first, before I joined the institution, I assumed that all students were equal hence I failed to notice when one student was left behind. I only concentrated more on the bright ones. However, through the guidance of the experienced teachers, I got to learn the dynamics of teaching. For instance, nowadays I concentrate on individual students and record their learning progress to establish their learning abilities. This has helped me to improve my teaching practice as I have recorded excellent performance in many my classes. Also, I have received tokens of appreciations from some parents of the students I transformed in my classes. This shows that I became an excellent teacher, and the impact I make in teaching is visible to the community. Also, I am now good in time management, and I organize my lessons well before the actual time of teaching.


Leadership Skills

I was once poor when it came to leadership competencies. I could not lead a team of few members and succeed in any project or assignment. This was contributed by various factors and poor leadership skills. I had no confidence that I could lead any successful team until one day when I was chosen as a group leader in a company that I worked for. There were about nine groups which were all assigned different tasks that were to be completed within a limited period. Since I knew I was poor in leadership, I panicked a lot and almost declined the position. I was chosen to be a group leader of an excellent and competent team of members, and I was afraid to fail them as their leader.

Initially, I could not maintain a positive attitude, and I was quite grumpy. I always concentrated on the negative side of things hence afraid of failing. Therefore, this attitude kept me away from implementing some ideas that might have become successful. However, after leading the group for the project, I learned a lot of fundamental tactics and skills of leadership from both my team members and the other colleagues. I learned how to set ultimate goals and sticking to them by following concrete plans. I acquired excellent communication skills such as listening to other's views and precise ways of articulating my visions and goals. Before this event, I was reluctant to put other's opinions into consideration as I thought a leader's opinion should not be contested. I always wanted to lead my team like a dictator. This demonstrates the improvement in my leadership skills and any team that I lead nowadays has a higher probability of achieving the set goals excellently. I can also admit my weaknesses and seek support in some tasks that seem complex for me.

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