Construction Industry in Texas

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From the data analyzed for the past five years regarding the construction industry in Texas, it is evident that there is rising demand in this sector. The industry has continued to increase ion the number of jobs it is creating for many people. Again, many Americans are being able to get affordable houses thanks to adaption of technologies in the industry that is reducing the costs. For this reason this report recommends expansion of construction industry particularly ore resources and planning designs to be well put in place to facilitate this (Matin, 2002). The study predicts that the industry in future will continue to attract increased demand as explained below.

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The construction industry in Texas has slowly recovered since the recessional times. It has recovered almost one-third of all the jobs that were initially lost since the industry starting recovering in 2010. In 2011 the industry recorded 4.8% growth. Most of these jobs created have been in the heavy and civil sections of construction. Further, more jobs growth is on areas of utility construction work by specialty trade contractors.

The statistics show that one-fourth of27, 100 jobs created in 2011 in the industry have been in construction of residences and buildings (Kaka, 2011). However, construction of single-family residences remains depressed. However, even though the construction industry has shown substantial growth in Texas, highway, bridge and street construction as well as building finishing contractors have shown continuous decline. There has been a positive sign in construction industry in Texas showing a multi-family building. In year 2011 the multi-family buildings was up 63 percent as compared with year 2010, which rose from 16,108 units to 26,193 units.

One of the challenges facing construction industry in Texas is lack of qualified labor. During the recession time in the United States, many qualified labor went in search of work elsewhere. Now that the construction industry is recovering, most of these workers havent returned back. This is especially the case in craft labor. For builders, they are finding it hard to get skilled and experienced workers they need for new projects. According to the Bureau Labor Statistics, contractors recently had about 143,000 unfilled jobs in their book last year. Even though the construction industry in Texas has shown tremendous growth in the recent past years, the industry has been crippled by lack of qualified personnel (Chan, 2010). For this reason more workers need to come up from woodwork all wherever they have gone abroad and come to contribute in rebuilding America.

One of positive trends in construction industry in Texas is increased use of BIM (Building Information Modeling) and technology on job sites. Many contractors in construction industry have come to realize the importance of tech options. BIM has become the most important and widely embraced technology in the industry. The model is used by construction managers to assess risks on job sites thereby improving on safety. Too, the model is used for economic reasons in that it can help contractors save money of spending on unnecessary things like on staging and scaffolding.


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