Admission Essay for Master Science of Civil Engineering

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My choice to study Civil Engineering is purely based on my desire for the field. I am aware that all the crucial decisions I will make at this age will definitely determine my life. Concisely, I know the direction of my studies I will take now, will certainly bond my future, thus, I have decided that I will concentrate on things that I enjoy, and at the same time, make me feel beneficial to society. My future profession should comprise of thing that will give me joy and satisfaction.

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My engineering career started, when I enrolled for Bachelors in Civil Engineering at Yeungnam University in South Korea. I have also taken a number of professional courses including Airfield Pavement Design and Maintenance Course at the Air Force Institute of Technology, PACES Program Training in the US Army Corps of Engineer, Far East District, PCASE in USACE Transportation Systems Center and Engineering Research and Development Center

Additionally, I have done Cost Estimate Course in US Army Corps of Engineer, Far East District, Project Management in Military Program in USACE Learning Center and Airfield Pavement Construction Inspection Course in Air Force Institute of Technology

I have also done Water Quality Management Course in Air Force Institute of Technology and Micro station V8 Advanced Course in Bentley Systems Korea

I have professional memberships for the Society of American military engineer (same), Korea professional engineer association (kpea), and Korea construction engineer Association (Korea). My work experience includes project manager, engineering flight, 51st Civil Engineer Squadron us air force, Osan AB, South Korea, civil engineer, programs flight, 51st Civil Engineer Squadron us air force, Osan AB, South Korea, and civil engineer, engineering resource management division, DPW us army, Camp Henry, South Korea. I have also worked as civil engineer, design branch, engineering division us army corps of engineer, far east district, South Korea, construction cost estimator, engineering resource management division us army, Yongsan Garrison, South Korea and master planner, plans & inspection division, DPW and us army, Camp Casey, South Korea

I have previously worked as a Project Manager for over 15 years, gaining diverse experiences in water supply and distribution system, airfield pavement, storm drainage system, sanitary sewer system, military mission support facilities, military family housing, road, pumping plant, athletic facilities in US Air Force and Army Bases. I have gained particular expertise in project management, designing civil infrastructures, and construction cost estimation of U. S. Military Projects. I also have abilities to meet schedule, resolve the construction conflicts, ensures accuracy and work in bilingual, especially in English and Korean. Engineering is a crucial field of study, which has offered an immerse contribution to modern life. My motivation to succeed and desire to learn is continually growing stronger. I will take all these characteristics into my post graduate studies so that I will continue to develop on the professional and technical level. I believe the experience and knowledge I will obtain from the graduate accounting program will give me the expertise I need to excel in my future career.

I believe that I am a remarkably resilient individual, with an unsurpassed commitment to reach the peak of the civil engineering profession. My strength and passion for civil engineering are demonstrated by the way I respond to the disappointment and challenges associated with my profession. I have invested my efforts into my engineering profession, and I am ready to advance my career to the peak. I believe I possess the drive and aptitude to succeed in the civil engineering department and become one of the best Engineers.

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